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  1. I dont think you have much to be nervous about, your writing is gold.
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    Thank you, it's not that, just a feeling maybe I shared too much..
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  3. Oh well, thats all good too :)
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    Congratulations on all of your progress and achievements Retro Girl! Very encouraging to read - thanks for sharing it.
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    RG that made me think. I too struggle with parts of sexuality. Up until now i thought the darker parts of my sexuality, which are heavily driven by desire and lust would be related to all that porn crap and therefore "not welcome".

    But i can see now that i allways liked even some parts of that dark side. These parts which are powerful, which belong to me. They let me express a more free version of myself. I think even these darker parts can be sacred as long as they are not contaminated by porn.

    The only problem is to distinguish them or to recognize in which way these sacred parts are conected to porn related, direspecting and misleading parts of the industry which i accepted without questioning it.

    So my question would be for me: How can i determine what belongs to my natural (sacred) sexuality and what has been smuggled in by myself from sources like the porn industry or from the ugly part of our sexually disrespecting culture?

    Thank you for your post.
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    Whoa! Not much I can add to this beautiful post. Yes, I agree 100% our sexuality is sacred. I now see it as a diamond it reflects the light of love and surrender. We as a society don't treat diamonds the way we treat sexuality we have more respect for a diamond than for our own sexuality. So sad but most people tend to conform to what the masses value and preach. We are resisting and going against the flow we are one of a kind warriors :)
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    I'm so glad you did, and that I found it. Thank you
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    I think that is a good plan @Retro Girl If I fall I will make a point of writing in my journal how I cope with it and what plans I put in place not to do it again - rather than allow myself the "luxury" of being miserable about it. Of course I hope I do not fall - but being realistic, if I were to say PMO two or three times in the year and immediately recover - that would be a good lesson and I could still build on that. Hoping and really trying for 365 days PMO free.
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    Beautifully said. I get inspiration from that. The only route to orgasm should be a loving connection between a man and woman.
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    No I don't think that, two people of same sex can also connect in a loving way with that magic and creative energy.. it can be used for other things as well as bring new life.. it can also create bonds and deeper connection as well.
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    Sorry I think you are right - The important thing is sex should only be used for connection between 2 consenting individuals who love each other
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    Great post, beautifully written, and so very true :)
    Thank you so much for sharing this dear RG, you keep growing and improving your life, i'm very happy for you ! :):):)
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    i hope the new year will bring you possitive changes and satisfactions,keep going!!
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  14. I'll be following this journal from now on. I'd try to read it all from beginning to end, but 50 pages? 50 friggin pages? Since there's about 20 posts on a page, you're close to 1,000 posts in this journal. o_O
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    Heyah retro. Any peoms we should be expecting. Would like a heads up. ;) :)
  16. Jist take your time, itll be worth it. Its a good read and i got a lot of inspiration from it
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    Thanks a lot, I think that magic has been lost, for some watching P and therefore sex is as mundane and normal as having breakfast.. it's such a shame, we need to reclaim that sacred special feeling.
    I'm glad if I gave you something new, that's awesome.. and yes, I agree.
    It's the sign of a sick society if people who want to wait until marriage, or for that someone special are treated like they are weird and attacked for it.. I however respect it, especially so in this day and age! Thank you for your nice feedback!
    Thanks Elias, it feels good to know if what I write has a real impact on people, that's awesome. Thanks for your continued support!
    Thanks rey, I feel I have more in common with anyone who believes that rather than those who think sex is nothing special at all.. and I do think you need some religious or spiritual belief for that.
    Gosh, thanks, I appreciate it.. :)
    Thank you!
    Thanks for reading and your comment, it's a difficult question.. I guess especially if you've been doing PMO since a young age like myself.. but I'm starting to figure it out, and I feel there has to be love and respect.. anything else is on a wrong path.
    Thanks Newgirl, appreciate it.. yes our sexuality is a diamond, a gem.. cherish it, look after it!

    Thanks so much Beamer! :)
    You too, thanks!
    Well of course you don't have to read it all.. but that's a year's worth of journal now.. but I wonder how many entries are mine, and how many are other comments.. I should try and count.. anyway thanks.
    The poems come when they want to come.. can't give any time or dates.. but thanks for the enthusiasm!
  18. Solomon435

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    We do live in a world that celebrates misery and feeling helpless. If anyone persues something that goes against the norm to be happy they are ridiculed for it.

    I guess it's up to us to live outside the norms and what people think we should feel.
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    Well I'm almost at a month again.. and I was going to journal about how easy it has been to get this far again, when this afternoon I got hit with strong urges to PMO out of nowhere..I was actually starting to think that maybe I'm over this now, since I recovered so well from the last relapse.. maybe I was finally healed.

    Actually I'd been reading some old journal entries, and saw just how much I'd struggled in those days, it was a real battle for me, between two sides of myself. These days I'm used to spending days, sometimes weeks with no real struggle.. so when the urges suddenly come out of nowhere it is strange.

    I also thought, how the very first time I ever did PMO, I wasn't addicted at that point, but what is it that drew me into it.. It's just boredom really, a desire for an intense experience, an escape, all whilst sitting in the comfort of your own home. No need to go anywhere, meet anyone real.. and I think that is where this urge attack came from. A belief that you can get something, a good feeling, for nothing, for free.. and that there is no downside to it.

    It's a belief that you started with naively in the beginning.. and that is understandable and excusable.. but to still hold this belief now, even in a small way, that is strange.. Of course we must remind ourselves, nothing is for free, there is no shortcut to feeling good and there are many other things we can do to make ourselves feel better.. take a hot bath, do some exercise.. anything but that stupid PMO thing.

    So, almost a month again.. and it might be difficult right now, I am a bit stressed, I am a bit sad, it's dark.. always dark.. but I'll keep going.. as I'm not over this yet, I'm still healing, still moving forward.. still have a way to go.
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    1000th post! :)

    Reserved for me.. ;)

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