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    I understand this part very well, honestly im not even addicted to porn anymore but im addicted just simply to being addicted or maybe to constant failing.its really weird. Thank you for this diary log its very intersting read.
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    My Journal
    Thanks, I'll keep going as long as I can!
    Yes I remember you posting something about being addicted to being addicted. Thank you for reading, I'm glad it's interesting to at least some people!

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    Maybe it's time to develop yourself in other ways and focus on other things. As you say, abstaining from PMO has become normal for you now, which is a good thing as this was your goal. So I guess it's time to shift your focus away from PMO completely (even in terms of abstaining from it) and just live your life, focus on other things. You are still an inspiration for us by the way, and thank you for your honesty, because it prepares us for what feelings may lie ahead when we have gone for a long period of abstinence. Ultimately, PMO does not serve us, and we'd all be better off without the guilt and shame, so let's just forget about it!
  4. Yeah i agree. Its better to prepare us than to sugar coat it and have it hit us like a brick when the time comes. RG, you're like a pioneer paving yhe way for the rest of us and mapping out the landscape, so thanks for that :)
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    So, nofap celebrity award goes to...
    °Retro Girl° :p lol you're literally a celebrity on nofap.
    I mean seriously 30k likes is something serious.
    Congrats btw
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    This is very true. I am slowly learning that I am addicted to dopamine, which I definitely got from PMO.... but also have get from overeating, and buying things I didn't need. It's a little easier to try and curb PMO then eating/buying, which I need to do on some level daily..... It's just that PMO was free, LMAO.

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    @Retro Girl :
    Thank you for your support, your positivity and your example here, congratulations on reaching 110 DAYS of abstinence from the pmo crap ! :)
    Keep going beautiful soul, you're awesome ! :):):) Enjoy your weekend ! :)
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    I really love this poem it really captures the purity of a child's innocence and how lovely life can be when it's not complicated by unnecessary addictions. The first time I read it it brought tears to my eyes. It's my favorite so far :)
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    i really like the girl from the stars
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    My Journal
    You're probably right, I think I'm getting to that place soon.. I'm going to concentrate on finish the year clean and starting fresh in the new year.. and build on the things I've developed so far this year. Thank you for your honesty and I appreciate your input! :)
    RG the explorer! Haha.. well this is a well trodden path I think, I'm just following in the footsteps of many before me also. I don't like to sugarcoat anything, a healthy dose of reality is what helps best I find!
    I have no interest in being a celebrity.. haha.. but thanks.
    Yes, I always thought of it as a sugar addict always having a big pile of free candy available to them. That's why it's so hard.
    Thanks Beamer! Hope you are feeling better :)
    Thank you!
    Yes, I liked this one too. Truth is I'm not much of a poet and I know many people must read my stuff and wonder why I bother, but I really liked that one too and was quite proud of it, so thanks!
    Oh thanks! :)
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    My Journal
    Winter is Here & 111 Days without PMO

    Winter has arrived and it's my eleventy-first day without PMO! This is also my first winter proper doing nofap, although I started last year at the end of January, it wasn't really until spring that I started to take it seriously. I think it's definitely a challenging time for doing this, as we are indoors a bit more, what with it being so dark and cold out there.. I don't know where you all are but it gets well below freezing here, sometimes as low as -30 degrees. I think that could be so why many are struggling lately.. so I'm still considering myself in a challenge to get to the end of the year and start fresh in 2019 free from the dreaded PMO.

    I guess 6 months clean would be my goal now, I'm not far from 4 months, in fact just another week or so. I certainly want to spending Christmas PMO free. I'm already getting in the mood now, we went to a Christmas market on weekend, I bought some decorations for out tree and some candles and lights and some lovely scented sticks with smell of "winter forest". So I guess that's where I'll be for a while, in Narnia.. now I just need some Turkish Delight and I'm all set!

    What else can I say.. I'm sure I had more to tell you.. ummm.. Oh yes, well, it occurred to me this weekend that I am really getting cured from this addiction. The things I used to "enjoy" from porn are really not appealing to me any more. I've probably said that before, but now it feels true.. and I'm starting to feel quite interested in dating guys again, thinking about wanting to start a family in the future. The idea of having a child.. what is the term for it? Broody? I'm not sure, haha.. but what I want is a family of my own.. that will give me meaning and connection and to do things right in the way it wasn't for me and my upbringing.

    So next year, I think I will start to look for that, to try find a decent good man who also wants the same, to start a family and live a kind of traditional lifestyle. I felt this year I stopped being a little girl and became a woman, and putting PMO behind me was a big part of that. Now I'm ready to be a woman and hopefully a mother and a wife.. this is what I want I've decided. PMO will just be remember as a stupid adolescent thing, a time of confusion and darkness. Now I'm ready for a better future!

    Ok, well that's big news I guess and it only really hit me this weekend. I think, as I saw all the family and children at the Christmas market.. So, that's my 2019 goals!

    Hope you are all staying warm and let's all try be PMO free for Christmas / Yule.

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  13. I wouldnt say that, you got some really good poems...seriously

    Im realy happy to see that you're breaking through that varrier of adfiction and finding meaning in the real stuff. I know you'll make it to 6 months and beyond and live the life you were meant too, you cwryainly deserve it. Good luck with your future goals, its nice that you're thinking like that, im sure you'll make a great's to bext year and the rest of your life :)

    By the way, i always buy turkish delights before i watch narnia lol
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    Well done on getting this far that amazing work ... keep it up !
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    One of the mysteries of NoFap for me is where is Retro Girl from. I suspect since you don't say you don't want us to know and that's ok, but I suspect it's somewhere in Europe. Although the last time I suspected someone on here was from Europe it turned he was from India. Lol!
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    Wow, that's awesome! :)

    2018 was all about rising above PMO, and now that you've abstained for so long I guess 2019 will be about finding a happy relationship.

    Wow, sounds amazing, I can't wait to do that myself once I've nailed a solid streak as well. Well, that and after a few years. :p

    Being PMO free sounds like one of the greatest things you can have during Christmas/Holidays/whatever, so enjoy and good luck! :)
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    My Journal
    Congratulations for 111 days!
    Although I haven't followed your entire trip since the beginning, I can imagine the great effort, patience and self-control that you had to demonstrate throughout all this time.
    It's beautiful to see how people get very far! But more beautiful to see how their lives change thanks to NoFap. You're an inspiration to all of us!

    I would like to read your diary :)
    I want to know a little more about your trip, I hope it doesn't bother you. :p

    Have a beautiful day!
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    My Journal
    Thanks it means a lot! Haha really? I'm defintely going to get some now.. :)
    Thanks very much! :)
    I'm from Narnia! or Northern Europe.. ;)
    Thanks Solo, I'm sure you'll do it as well, try to be clean until the end of year and tehn start fresh and clean in the new year!
    Thanks Freedom and I'd be more than happy for you to read! I Appreciate your support, have a beautiful day / evening also!

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  19. Sorry about all the typos by the way, i guess this is just the new me. Ill quit apologizing now, just be prepared for it ;)
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    Congrats RG! You have beautiful plans and I'm sure you'll find the right mate and your family will be a loving and peaceful family. Great idea our past is best left behind as a learned lesson :)
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