Resources that are helpful to both PA and SO

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  1. Thank you @Jagliana for posting this in your journal, truly amazing!

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    It is never a problem, I enjoy sharing these awesome videos that I find on this self-care journey. :emoji_heart:
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    these are really helpful thank you!
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    The Four Horseman,
    Divorce predictor:
    Criticism, contempt,
    Defensiveness, Stonewalling.

    Gottman Institute.
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    Here's a resource: RestoredSummit(dot)com

    Hours and hours of guidance from Experts in this field. Free.
    But the videos will only be accessible for another 3 days at this point.

    My husband and I [Jay and Lori Pyatt] gave an interview, "Find Your Pathway to a Great Marriage After Betrayal", and you can watch it until 7:30pm EST on Dec 18. (If you like what we had to say, PLEASE upvote/comment out there : )

    If you get the All-Access Pass, you'll have the option of getting last year's Breaking Free Summit recordings as well. (This year's summit has about 100 hours of interviews / last year's summit had about 75 hours of interviews.)

    If you're reading this after December 22, but are interested, PM me. I know the organizer and may be able to get you access.

    While I was a speaker, I make nothing off your involvement. If you'd like to help us out, that's kind of you, but consider contributing to NoFap instead. To help us out, your upvote/comment out there is enough : )

    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

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