Resources that are helpful to both PA and SO

Discussion in 'Partner Support' started by Queen_Of_Hearts_13, Jun 15, 2017.

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    Yes, I thought the same thing. When I read it, I thought it could be eye-opening for both PA's and SO's.
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    Thanks, I will check it out as soon as the little one takes a nap (I'm hoping!) if not, then at night and I will let you know what I think.
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    Wow, this is exactly what we were talking about. It is so interesting to watch it being broken down like that.
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  8. Definition of Dry Drunk in Addiction Recovery
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  10. Btw, if anyone has found any good resources, just keep adding them here, I've seen some SO's posting some stuff but I can't keep track of everyone's new posts. I don't want to miss anything but I know @Jagliana @EyesWideOpen are two members who I know have posted things recently so if you guys and SO's and PA's don't mind, if you find anything beneficial, please add it to this thread as well as whatever your original post is.

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    A great series of videos for PA by Terry Crews "Dirty Little Secret" Part 1-7

    I love what his wife Rebecca has to say in this one below...:emoji_heart:

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    Terry Crews "Dirty Little Secret" continued.....Part 6 & 7

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    Those are what my SO watched immediately after DDAY . They are great he’s great
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