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Discussion in 'Partner Support' started by AnonymousAnnaXOXO, Jun 15, 2017.

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  2. @Kenzi yup, just a gem I found while researching my prison rape paper. They used the scale to measure whether people had high empathy and whether the individual believed in rape myths or not.

    But yes, the higher the score the more empathy you have
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  5. This one is SSSOOO good -- they all are good...but this one (only the second one I have watched on this thread), is excellent.

    Thanks for posting these.
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    are there any partner/ women only websites. i dont think here is right for me and i desperately want anomous support from people to support my partner with his PA and DE.
  7. @usernamenaive so do you want a place for you or your PA?

    I think Bloom for women has something but it's a price you pay I think. Ummmm.... I personally don't know of any betrayed spouses only forums....

    Have people not been supportive of you here? Or of your PA? If so, I am very sorry that's the case!
  8. There is an SO-only private forum where all the SO's of PA talk and share.
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  9. Wow, duh! I totally forget that exists!
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    no people have been supportive. but being around such sexist attitudes about women is really not healthy for me. im getting sucked into debates that are irrelevant to my problems. i dont have a PO though i am going to go P free. but its the DE and shame my significant other feels i want help for that.

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