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Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support' started by ad vera amoris, May 1, 2019.

  1. ad vera amoris

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    Hello. I would like would like to continue to receive some emails from this site, but I do not want the addressee to show "NoFap" in my email Inboxes; this is too easy for others to see and know the content. I realize I could try to redirect your incoming emails from my inbox, but I don't currently have that ability. It seems that you could please create an alias option which allows emails from your website to be more discreet. It is too obvious now and that discourages my participation, which defeats the purpose. Please pass on this suggestion; Thanks for any help with this idea.
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  2. Alexander

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    I do not think that is currently feasible. Email service providers are very particular about sending emails from a known source, otherwise, they would ban us for spam/deception. Probably possible in some way but not very feasible right now or the foreseeable future
  3. ad vera amoris

    ad vera amoris Fapstronaut

    I deeply appreciate your rapid reply. I understand. That said, if you could please keep it on a maybe list, or better, run a poll to see how many agree that it could help and warrant the effort/cost. Perhaps creating something as simple as "" with a legal disclaimer that we agree to this alternate email address? I was accessing my email inbox with a female work colleague and I had so many from you it created a problem. (I realize I need to try to separate inboxes as another way.) Thank you either way for your efforts.
  4. AnxietyDude

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    Maybe create a Gmail account OP, then create a folder call its XYX and then in settings you can create a filter where it will go in there and not the inbox.
    I am not a fan of Gmail but they have that ability.
    ( have my own domains names so I just create a email for personal use which one can do but its at a cost.)

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