Relapse is a negative term.. I'm going to call this PROGRESS!

Discussion in 'Reset and Relapse Reports' started by Anonymoose95, Sep 16, 2018.

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    Although technically a relapse/reset, I think reffering to it as a relapse or a reset just makes it seem awful and it brings you down. I was urged by cravings today and gave in, Ended up PMO'ing just the once and now I just feel awful. I was on 35 days and before that it was 122 so what happened?

    It boggles me that just looking at something on a screen can be so addictive and tempting, the sceince behind it all is just insane.

    I feel like if I can get past these next few months I will be fine as I will be travelling and by the end of that I will have forgotten about P and NoFap (sorry guys!).

    I want this post to be a reminder for myself and for anybody out there who feels like they're struggling or come to a point where they are extremely tempted:

    DON'T DO IT, Its not worth it. You know from experience that you will feel awful, Less confident + Anxious straight after you do it. You have so much more you can put your mind to and accomplish instead of thinking about some brainwashing, Primitive rubbish.
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    Good luck. Let us know how that works for you.
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