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    A few years ago I tried to stay away from porn and I could go several month without. However all felt just like self punishment and often I spend my days on other internet activities to reward myself. I relapsed at a moment of professional success thinking I can reward myself now with a nice PMO session. This however brought me back to my old bad habits of fapping and self denial.

    So this time I am consciously aware of this dangerous trap. I started to set reward moments for following my daily schedule. A reward which is designed as well to help control my cravings. I started to prolong my morning erections to savor them slowly (with no touching) and noticed that thereafter I am in a much calmer state of mind for the rest of the day. I am not sure what happens medically but I suppose something similar to masturbation because it involves the entire nerve system of genitials.

    During the day this helped me a lot not to think of sex or things like that because I came in a miraculously calm state of mind.
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