Reboot (PM) with the help of yoga

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  1. Hey there,
    I (41/female/married) visited an yoga-retreat after Christmas and started rebooting (PM) on january 1st 2019. I try to do yoga on a daily basis (workout/meditation) and would be glad to find an AP.
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    Welcome! Good luck with your reboot and getting an accountability partner. I have started doing some yoga too. It’s. Bit more aggressive than traditional yoga, because it’s a mix of cardio and rehabilitation movements with yoga incorporated. It’s called DDPY or DDP Yoga. Lol.

    Have a great day.
  3. Thank U. Yesterday I also restarted my running habit. A few years ago I've done several marathons, it always worked fine as an opportunity
    to redirect destructive thoughts (and thoughts on P) and use my energy in a healthy way.
    I would be glad, if there's somebody out there who would like to support me as an AP!
  4. Shivamarya734

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    I sit alone and idol and need some one to talk can you please help me
  5. WaterBug

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    38 yr old married female who loves yoga also looking for AP if your interested
  6. loveisgrand

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    I'm a 60 y/o male who's been doing various yoga techniques since high school. I'm very contemplative and I did a 3-month pmo reboot months ago. Now I'm enjoying a very balanced spiritual/sensual lifestyle. I do the prayers. I do the meditation. I do the kriya breaths. I also collect art nude photography. To me, porn is not beholding the Divine within a model. Worshipping Her through her is spiritualized eroticism, an aspect of Tantra. I understand about the addiction thing. Going through a period of withdrawal is essential to mature into balance and moderation. Whatever you do, enjoy it but don't let it enjoy you. Stay centered. Stay balanced. Stay happy.
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    I just wanted to check in here long enough to tell you to check out the "Accountability Partner" Thread and either post this message over there or move this one. I think you'll have good exposure to find one there. Just my two cents. Good luck my lady.
  8. Day 25 and feeling great! No urges, no self-hatred or uncertainty about my decision to reboot. I hope this mood will stay as long as the journey last. Thank you all for your support.
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