Quitting PMO gives you nothing

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Verhart, Jun 8, 2015.

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    I don't agree with what you said. For whatever reason, for the first time in my life I feel like I have control over sexual emotions. Its no longer about the thoughts, fantasizes, or cravings that you feed in to. YOU are taking control of what you want for your mind and body in life. I just feel happier now as if the stuff I did before was a crutch used whenever I felt horny or down. Yes everyone gets tempted or random thoughts of sex comes up but its about what you do with those thoughts whether you will relapse or keep moving forward. I don't know its just my opinion but I really feel giving up this addiction does help.
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    For me nofap is only one issue among other issues for my life change.
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    For me, doing NoFap is starting to seem like the key habit to improve the quality of my life altogether.

    @Andrew0268 I think the correct word would be "abstention" or "abstinence."
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  4. Seriously... One of the best comments I've read in AGES, and I've been on this forum for a while.
  5. Also, many need to understand that we absolutely live in an energy based universe, a universe based on frequency, at the soul level. If you're just looking at things externally, just the cloak (as in the physical body alone), then you're going to miss out on what nofap really is.

    We are all just energy. When you engage with someone in real life, you are not speaking to another body, you are speaking to a soul. We engage everyone on a soul level.

    Sexual energy is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. When cultivated, you CAN literally use it to change your life. If you're not manipulating this energy (manipulation in the good sense) then you're not going to actually see any benefits.

    I'm not just saying this to try and sound deep or spiritual. I'm also saying this because I have seen the benefits myself.

    When people on reddit write lists of the benefits, they're not kidding, or when people make youtube videos about it. I've spoken a little about this all already in a comment on a different post, but because we ARE energy, women can feel the power coming from you when you're conserving all that energy and it does attract them.

    Everybody uses their energy differently, knowingly and unknowingly, so this whole thing works for different people. Some peoples energy is more balanced than others, reason why some notice the "nofap powers" more than others. This use of nofap energy can be down to what types of foods we are eating, down to our emotional state and how much emotional injuries a person has or hasn't released.

    I could go on and on... Most do not understand anything about energy, specifically sexual energy, so therefore have no idea how to use and see the benefits.
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    Retaining semen, transmuting sex energy, this is the only way to become a truly great man.

    NoFap is just a label, just an idea created by an individual, no different from other porn recovery forums like reboot nation and your brain rebalanced.

    Step into the timeless gentlemen, the true path of self improvement beyond a masturbation and porn recovery forum.
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    The title of this thread was born of ignorance.

    Enlighten yourselves, if you know nothing of sex transmutation that is,

    Also, there IS SO MUCH MORE to self improvement than using your sex energy wisely. So much more. But without transmutation and semen conservation, all efforts to improve become hindered and basically futile.

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    Okay, I'll give you my own opinion on this topic. I really think it depends on the person and how they view the definition of "quitting" pmo. If I were to quit smoking, are you saying I won't be a bit little more happy with myself and possibly with life in general? Wouldn't I have more self respect towards my own body? Those are gains right? And if I decided to quit pmo wouldn't I respect women more? The benefits are there. And the list goes on and on. Here's another example: If I were to lose weight, would I still gain nothing? I don't know, I would gain some self-confidence at least if I'm trying hard enough. Challenging yourself or quitting a bad habit involves change and hard work. But most importantly, it's about changing your life style.

    I've been on Nofap longer than you. And I'll admit it, I still haven't quit pmo, but I slowly made some life changes along with it. In fact, I relapsed a few days ago. You can't quit pmo all itself; it's so much more than that. Like quitting smoking or losing weight, there's a need for change. And once that happens, what you put into your hard work is what you will gain. Okay, the person goes to a support group for smokers, he tries to exercise more, he tries a better diet, he goes to a church or other religious organization, etc. For someone quitting pmo, it's the same thing. Involve yourself in more meaningful relationships at school or some sort, stop playing videos, get outside the house more so you can stay away from pmo, etc. Little changes, but in the long run, you will gain a lot. So how do you really know if you won't gain anything?

    Take it from me. I joined Nofap last summer. Deciding to quit pmo was part of the process, not the entire process itself. Saying you want to quit pmo ignites the passion for change. Ever since I've been on his website, I've made some changes to my lifestyle....slowly but surely. I'm more involved in school activities which includes girls, I'm focusing on myself more which is part of the process (earning high honors and about to graduate with duel majors.) When you focus on yourself (health, school, work, etc.) that's when you'll starting to see some of the gaining. It's just like any other goal. After that, everything will fall into play. You'll be more confident, happy, etc. As you can see, I didn't focus on quitting pmo all by itself. How can I? How can anyone? There's more to it than that. And to say that quitting pmo will give you nothing is because you haven't even tried to make a change.
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    I love when people on this forum get all butthurt over semantics. OP obviously doesn't condone PMO. But if you're life revolves around this forum, that may be just as bad as spending all your time PMOing. You never grow. You're constantly playing it safe and adhering to the time-tested ideas that everyone else adheres to. Blaze your own path! Don't be afraid to PMO. Be more concerned about financial security, personal happiness, and overall satisfaction with your life.
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    Oh yes, the butthurt never ends! :rolleyes:
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    agreein wid a point...
    wat u do whn u've free time..??
    yep.. No fappin nd wastage f time isn't a good sign... U've got time... Do smthin, make uaself proud nd happy too... If nt.. Ders a 90% possibility u gonna turn towards fappin again..
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    I agree with you partially.For most of my time I assumed that Nofap should go along with all my new habits but lately I have come to a realization that failing in Nofap and failing in any other habits is NOT AT ALL similar.Even when I am lazily lying in bed and doing nothing at all,its far more better than going to the vicious cycle again.
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    This is good. quitting is good. what is important is the time that we can now use for creative things. some more value addition to the world or our self and that is what is counted.

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