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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by asoolSambhal, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. asoolSambhal

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    Hello folks,

    I want to know what men experience after ejaculation/masturbation, particularly in the Indian community. I seem to notice very adverse effects even from just doing it once or twice in two weeks. The side effects I noticed are;

    1. Dull skin, with dark circles around the eyes.
    2. Bulgier/Fatter nose.
    3. Lack of ability to concentrate or comprehend intense intellectually stimulating material/ memory goes really bad.

    The effects are so severe I seem to go from a solid 8 from lookswise to a 3 I'd say.

    The effects seem to disappear within a week. But is it because of lack of deficiency that I might have or any food/medicine that I should eat to overcome this issue?

    It seems maybe people from other ethnicities don't experience these effects as often.
    Also, I should say I have experienced premature ejaculation all my life, and probably didn't last more than 1 minute, when stimulating the penis. I'm really worried about these two things if someone else is experiencing the same thing and knows some remedy let me know. I'm 22.
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  2. delhiboy

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    Really good post.
    When i used to masturbate daily

    1) a general low immune system. Like not severe but skin allergies were pretty easy to catch.

    2) blurry vision and lack of concentration.

    3) a general puffiness around face.

    4) fast aging process.
    I am 27 looks 30 because of this pmo abuse for more than a decade.

    5) as in India generally we dont consume non- vegetarian stuff. Masturbation daily multiple times may lead to vitamins or zinc deficiency.

    6) overly horny. I feel when i used to masturbate daily, i used to objectify women and try to just gen in the pant but now i am more in control and thought of getting laid with a girl i am talking to takes a backseat. I think hormones are more balanced now.
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  3. asoolSambhal

    asoolSambhal New Fapstronaut

    What is the solution delhiboy? I'm scared these effects will continue even after NoFap, or being with a girl.
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  4. delhiboy

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    Nah man, all shall be cured, just quit pmo altogether, you'll feel the difference.
    Harms are reversible. Dont stress over these just commit to nofap.
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  5. delhiboy

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    Shighra patan shall be cured eventually, quit every kind of porn. Cold Turkey never ever watch it, premature ejaculation is caused by porn abuse
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  6. Zenithr

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    Hi, These are some of the effects I get after an ejaculation
    1. Reduced immunity. I'm more likely to get a cold or fever after it.
    2. Brain fog. Not being able to do analytical stuff and mental calculations easily.
    3. Sometimes while talking, the natural flow is halted. I may have to search for the right word to use.
    4. Oily face and dead eyes.
    5. General weakness particularly in the legs
  7. Hi guys, im from uk myself and vegetarian as op mentioned. Im not Indian but i know exactly what you're talking about. If i masturbate or have sex i often feel really wiped out after. I feel week, dull in the head and notice i look more pale and lack of luster in the face. It takes me a good 3 days at least to feel normal again. I asked some friends about this and they didn't seem to get the same thing. I eat healthily most of the time so not sure what it is..
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