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    So I have been struggeling to get on a longer streak again, after I broke my last (counter is not fully correct).
    I like to blame it on the last break up I had. Me and the girl I really liked had some sex, but I don't count real sex and a relaps. But now that it is over, I really struggel to get back on a streak without fapping.

    Today I edged and saw porn for maybe 5 minutes (most pictures of models, and maybe 30 sec of actual porn video). I did not masturbate, maybe just 20 secounds.

    Do you guys think it will be possible to get on a good streak after this kind of shit?

    I don't really want to relaps, but I know I failed in one way. But want to correct that fail and get on a longer streak without relapsing first.

    What do you guys think - experience?
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  2. Well, you could stick with the simple attitude that nothing beats the real thing and that leaving fantasy behind for real relationships and engaging in life with purpose should ensure you a nice long streak.
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    Thanks a great idea!

    Don't want to fap, because I only want the real thing, even tho it is orgasm. But it is a lot more meaningful.
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    I haven't had a GF my whole streak, and haven't had sex in like 6-7 years! Not totally by choice, I would like to have a GF if I could. I don't get out much though and I don't have a sturdy career/financial life, so the odds of me meeting someone are low. I've done alot of recovery and giving up addictions and healing my inner self though so I have a lot to offer in a relationship. Just not in terms of finances, which I know is a big component. So in my streak so far i've only "got by" on nocturnal emissions. I wish the perfect woman for me would just move in accross the road and we'd live happily ever after.

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