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  1. the sun is rising! you know how it feels the first time you went swimming, scared and a new experience, maybe butter flies? well that is how I feel. I only want emotional connection, it's tuff not to get this feeling of an o after doing it for so long. it hurts, I don't know what to do with this pain that never ends. so here is my report, its been tuf this month, only a few emotional and meaningful connections with women, sooo lonely. that is all I want really.
  2. every fiber of my fleshy body wants to get turned on and be horny and be bad. I mean every part of it.
    I will just relax and do good and be good and be patient. and not give in I won't give in I won't give in I wont give it!
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  3. class integrity and character, that is what I am about. now I have to do it. not just day dream about it. what good will that do me or any body, to just dream and wish it, I have to stop wishing upon a star, and be that start!!!!!!!!!!:D
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  4. now its a matter of pride, the pride of needing to feel good. so I won't do it.
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  5. plant goodness

    plant goodness Fapstronaut

    Hey man how's it going?

    I appreciate the username and avatar. You a yukon man?
  6. Contentful T

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    Great post!!
  7. Contentful T

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    Very good! Praise the sun! HUZZAH.

    Ok then. SO I hope we are still treading forward with our progress despite leaving?

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