Plenty of cobwebs in my mind

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Hanumesh Santhanam, May 15, 2019.

  1. Hanumesh Santhanam

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    Hey guys. I need a bit of help. Pmoing since 14. Now 26. Discovered i had PIED a few weeks back. Theee are just many cobwebs in my mind. I wanna go through them with you:

    1) Can someone help me understand how severe my symptoms are. I find it very difficult to get hard with a girl. Had my first sexual encounter 3 weeks back and it couldnt stay hard. However, in the morning Im like 80% erect.
    2) Based on this, is it better to completely avoid women from a dating point of view? I am more confident around women now butI dont know if I need to be on hard mode
    3) Also the anxiety is killing me. How long do I have to go without any sexual encounters? I dont know if I have the ability yo actually be a Fapstronaut and go on a long streak. I become very cynical ans think - what if this pied never goes away? What if i cant date anyone ever? It is very scary and i feel like getting back to pmoing.

    Plz help.
  2. RaOne86

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    Getting back to PMO is not a good option.. you can be on no PM mode.. not to avoid encounter with women.. that is not target.. but to be in healthy relationship.. best luck..

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