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  1. day 75.. I have sex with my girlfriend then the depression hits hard for days after. Depression, anxiety.. all the worst feelings ever. Somebody please shine some light on me
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    If I had to guess, I'd say you're having a dopamine crash. Try looking up dopamine diet on google (it's basically healthy, with lots of bananas and hardly any processed sugar), and maybe take some multivitamins to try and allow your body to produce the right stuff. I'm not an expert though, and you might want to get checked out by the doctor - I vaguely remember hearing that an under active thyroid can have a similar effect.

    Hope this helps man
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    Keep calm. Don't panic. Everything passes.
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    People can have anxiety and depression for so many different reasons, what do you think could be the cause behind you feeling that way?
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  5. The list goes on if you ever start with it. I had learned through therapy that it doesn't matter the cause. It matters how are you dealing with it right now.
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  6. I don't agree. If we're talking of anxiety and depression in general - sure. Too many reasons to count. But if we're talking of them after sex - pinpointing the reason might be life changing. Whether it be a physical health reason, a psychological one, or an emotional one - it's certainly much more particular than just feeling anxious and depressed in general. Dealing with it right now is definitely important, but if you don't find out the cause - dealing with it right now is only temporary and serves as much of a purpose as fapping serves in reducing anxiety.

    Ra12345, let me ask you a personal question - how is the sex? Are you satisfied with it? And is your relationship all in order?
    It might have something to do with the relationship, rather than with you yourself. Perhaps there are underlying problems.
  7. First off, thank you guys.. I have always had really good sex and a very active sex life.... my new take on it is.. I have watched porn and masturbated since a very young age (9 or 10) when my friend and I found some p mags in a trash pile in the woods by my house.. ( I am not a hobo either, it just happened ).. then I endulged in high speed internet p for some 18 or 20 years.. so, when I finally got on a good streak, after having my first wet dreams at age 32 and possibly the first un messed with by porn sex.. my body Just diddnt know how the heck to handle it.. I definitely went through a very intense extreme depression lull that lasted around a month but now I am coming out of the other side again and I am feeling great and managing my emotions and feeling much better.. another thing is, I truly feel like although i have a pretty great life, I’m a homeowner and have a good job etc, not much changes from day to day and it’s things like this that show their evil face when you cut out free hits of scary amounts of unnatural dopamine multiple times a day for so so long since you were a small child.. I am more able to gather my thoughts now and plan for the future on simple things like learning to say yes when invited on adventures and saying no to eating crappy foods.. the depression phase I just went through was one of the scariest things I could ever imagine possible but I do believe I’m out the other side now.

    One more quick conclusion:
    When I have sex, it’s so inferior to the feeling of watching p and even inferior to m without p.. I feel like when I had sex a month ago my brain was like “ wtf was that! We want more and we want the right stuff”! .. it was like re waking the devil in me.. but I did have sex with my girlfriend a few days ago and I did feel more natural and it didn’t produce heavy depression and anxiety in me.. therefore I can only believe that time will heel. Also, I went monk mode, deleted all social media accounts and all apps off my phone and went vegan at the same time so yeah, I kinda did it to myself. Thanks for listening guys. Much love
  8. Moreover.. after much research, we can’t expect to be happy until we prove to our hippocampus over and over and over again that we are going to be getting our pleasure from things like long walks in the woods, great dinner party’s with friends and family, intense working out, reading life changing books and staring into the eyes of potential life partners.. Instead of pixels on a screen giving us heroin like hits of dopamine multiple times daily. god help us

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