Platonic vs Romantic relationships

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Lew, Dec 16, 2017.

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    I'm really bad at viewing new friends as just friends. I'm quietly analysing every new person I meet as a potential partner and it's really not healthy. I need to be able to meet people (no matter how attractive or compatible they may be) and build meaningful friendships with them.

    I think part of it may be down to BPD (borderline personality disorder) because we have a fear of rejection and abandonment. So I think I'm constantly trying to take relationships to the next level because it feels less likely that they will disappear from my life. Which doesn't really make sense because it would hurt even more losing a partner as opposed to a friend.
  2. I can relate. I sometimes think everyone is out to get me. I struggle with trusting people and sometimes I even think my friends secretly hate me and are just pretending to be my friend.
  3. Lew

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    Yeah!! You get it. I'm exactly the same :/ I've isolated myself from everybody for that exact reason.
  4. Jerry91

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    That is me in a nutshell my friend! I have felt like that towards almost every attractive girl I've ever met throughout my life. Every time I fall in love I think: "She is The One" - I am saved! Redeemed! Fulfilled!

    Then after I while Life Happens of course and all of that intense joy & wonder vanishes and leaves me feeling utterly empty inside, until the next episode...
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  5. aussieguy

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    hey I feel the same way
    but I don't think it's psychotic, it's just normal.

    if your therapist thinks you may have a disorder than you need to take that seriously. but everyone is afraid of rejection, and we learn resilience and how to deal with it over time. if we avoid those painful lessons (maybe through PMO use) then we become more and more afraid of it... the cycle of addiction.

    I know for myself, I really enjoy the feeling the psychologists call "collapsing ego boundaries" - when we fall in love we merge with the other and we fully identify with them, it makes the act of sex so compelling and fulfilling, and addictive... I know this is why I always think about everyone I meet in romantic terms.

    this is one of my goals for 90 days, to regain the platonic view of people I meet and form friendships.
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    Excellent personal commitment my friend.
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    I relate to that too.
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    Me too! I really struggle to trust others because I fear they will leave me. Caused me so many problems and even made me lie to try and not lose someone. Then I lost them anyway. Crappy.
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  9. Truegamer007

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    I struggle with this too. I find it difficult to have platonic relationships with girls because of this. I'm making it my goal too. :)

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