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    i just relapsed after 10 days. I watched porn and masturbated three times. It feels like it is almost impossible to get over the porn addiction. I feel like I need help but at the same time I am the only one who can help myself. The urge to watch porn and masturbate is there and that is only because of me going on social media and dating apps like tinder and fantasizing about women and porn. I realize that when I'm out with friends these craving are not their because I'm busy communicating but as soon as I go home, I start fantasizing again.

    I have PIED and want to fix it but cant!!
    Anyone knows the secret to quitting porn and masturbation?
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    Hi @msaadat it's all about finding out what caused you to relapse? (i.e triggers) and learn from your mistakes. You have answered your own question by saying "social media and dating apps like tinder and fantasizing about women and porn" causes it. I cut it all out and went onto No PMO hard mode to try and beat this. It's the best and fastest way to recover. Apps like Tinder are just as bad as porn. Your brain doesn't know the difference between Tinder and porn websites and sees them just the same. At the end of the day both are not real and only pixel porn. The idea is to recover then rewire with real women and cut out porn. PIED is curable and you can beat it if you try.
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  3. msaadat

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    Thanks for the tip. My goal is to get to a month. I know it will get easier after that.
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    Good luck. If i do it, so can you. Yes it gets a lot easier once you give it time. After 32 days of noFap (Hardmode) I don't even think of porn anymore. It's in the past now. I don't hate porn but I don't want it in my life ever again. I'm sure you will feel the same after a while.You should try and post a daily post on your progress of each day if possible. I know it helped me to start with. Also you need to quit the social and dating apps (until you have recovered). I know it's a lot but this will be the fastest way to recover. Hope that helps.
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    Thank you! appreciate the kind words :)
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    DON’t give up! That is the secret. Stop the dating apps and first think about healing. When (or before) you get the urge read something, exercise, go for a walk, call a friend and go out to drink a beer or two. Don’t consider relapse a fail but an opportunity to find out what makes you fall back. Then correct it, get better in canceling what makes you relapse.
    YOU’ll DO IT!
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    that's your problem. Stop using Tinder and don't fantasize about women.

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