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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Erichpure, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. Erichpure

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    Physical excercise and work out became one method for me that is very important. 4 pm I have a low energy. A long day passed already because I get up early. That’s where I am vulnerable. I lean back to rest. Feel I need something and am low. The thought of boobs or a girl becomes very tempting. I feel I cannot do activity at all and often at that point I fall into the devil cycle.

    I found that I can completely change my life since a few month. I found that getting up and doing gym at that time works wonder. The lowness I perceived prior at 4 is gone in an instant and I became surprised how well I actually am. So I do workout 3x a week and the other days I walk an hour. I lost 5 kg weight over the last months! Feel way better then even years ago physically. And I have a powerful tool to combat the danger of falling into the opposite. The low life the sick life the negative life robbing life
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    Yo man, thats called taking things in charge. Great
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    I have taken up bike riding, do 10km daily and then a longer ride on the weekend. I have signed up for the Ride to Conquer Cancer, a 200km ride over 2 days in August, so I simply have to keep this up to make it happen. A great incentive to help stay on track.
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  4. SirErnest

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    Absolutely. Apparently lack of exercise is one of the biggest problems now in developed countries. I like how we get all the benefits when we do it in spite of not 'needing' to, but also train our mental toughness.
  5. Erichpure

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    Waking up having a lot of lust. Not even PMO. Just wanting to see a woman. How tempting. How beautiful they are!!i know it’s a activity because I recently fell and had a intense episode. I am withholding and will soon do excercise walking.
  6. ctr

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    For those of you that haven't tried it, I'd highly recommend swimming. Personally, it's been as rejuvenating as hard mode.
  7. afrobeacon

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    I run 51km a week.

    I am enjoying the pain and the tension of muscles grinding against a hill.

    I have had episodes of flatlining.

    Its all part of the process. Keep at it
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  8. Erichpure

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    Thanks. Sound all good. It helps me too a lot. I worked out more program. Trying to keep this. I developed a blend of walking workout in gym, running, rope jumping.

    The rope jumping I do now instead of a cycle of excercise I used to do but can’t bevause I have a lower back issue. I rope jump Intervalls of 4 minutes in morning and 2 minutes various times because I sit a lot for work and want to change the mode of my body to stale sluggish from sitting to good circulation also during sitting work. I found for the weight loose it’s important to not just do exercises but to also change this mode as well as control of what I take in.

    For the lower back I started Pilates. I hope this helps making it well again. If it does there are many other ways I want to apply.
  9. Erichpure

    Erichpure Fapstronaut

    I started jogging again. I used to be fit. Now I have to build up in intervals. I run 350 meters then walk then run. I do now 1 mile. I want to slowly build up to 3 to 4 miles again.
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  10. keithevans

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    Being physically active can
    • Increase your chances of living longer life
    • Feel better about yourself
    • Decrease your chances of becoming depressed
    • Sleep well at night (no more insomnia)
    • Move around more easily
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