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Discussion in 'Women in Reboot' started by Jessie14, Aug 19, 2018.

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    Alrighty, so I'm on hardmode of nofap and last night on day 20 I began relapsing after I convinced myself that it was 'ok' (I know, my mindset is messy, I'm working on it). Anyway, in the middle of the relapse, before I could even finish, I began to experience physical pain down there which eventually prevented me from 'finishing'. The pain was a lot to handle and it was just too sore to continue.

    Whether I count it as a relapse or not is another story, but I was wondering if there are other women who've experienced pain after a long time of not m-ing.
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    Hi @Jessica14!

    Welcome to the forum. @FlyingPizza has a lot of experience with this. Would you reach out to @Jessie14 my Lady and see if you can help her navigate this pain she is experiencing.

    Good luck to you and I hope you find what you are looking for. She can help you with your pain. @Kenzi & @AnonymousAnnaXOXO can provide you with resources to help you with PMO along with the rest of us here. Stay focused. Stay strong. And we'll walk this walk together with you. You're not alone in your addiction.
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    You had a lucky escape! I think the flesh can become more sensitive so maybe more prone to getting sore. Which suggests it's not nature's plan for us to O.

    Whatever the reason for the pain, it stopped you doing something destructive, so be grateful.
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    I tagged your name incorrectly. I fixed it @Jessie14. Sorry. Would you reach out to @FlyingPizza and talk to her. She's got this.
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    In the past, I have also experienced pain while masturbating, but not necessarily after times of abstinence. Sometimes, I would just feel pain during orgasm (during clitoral stimulation), which of course made me feel even worse afterwards.
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    M'ing when you aren't physically aroused can cause pain. Its very easy to force an orgasm with clit stim without letting your body get physically prepared first.

    Your body may have gotten used to it before but after an abstinence it could well be telling you it's not ready
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    I agree, it's like how if your skin is super sensitive and you get it massaged daily it'll slowly get desensitised to touch. Once you stop for a while the feeling will go back to normal or how it was before.

    The body is capable of getting used to something by desensitisation but that isn't always necessarily a good thing.
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