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  1. Forum allows to have only 1 image in signature. Could that limit be increased to 2 images? Because as it stands now PMO counter counts as an image, so if you have counter, which basically every member does, you can not put any other image. But if you do not have counter you can put other images. So it's like a trade. I just think NoFap PMO counter should not count towards that signature image limit, because it is such a basic function.
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    We don't want people to have other images in the signature and will be disabling images entirely in signatures in the future. Too much of a risk for a porn addiction recovery forum without an approval process, an easy vector to sneak in sexualized media and site-breakingly-large images. The avatars and profile pictures serves function for personal images.
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  3. Ah, I see.
    Well, couldn't that be solved through setting a file/image size limit and having the option available only to those with certain amount of posts and likes; reputable members who we know won't post sexual things? But maybe there is technical issues for making this work in this particular forum template, I don't really know... ?
    The reason why I wanted to be able to have two images is because I wanted to have two PMO counters at the same time, since the forum does not allow to set more than one at a time normally. So I wanted to be able to bypass that limit via some workarounds (creating another account and then linking to it's counter), but then realized that I can't, due to image limit. Something like this for example:

    My goals: daily meditation

    But o well, I guess I will have to find other solution to track that for now, until that counter option get's implemented (hopefully) in the future. Anyways, thanks for reply.

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