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    Do any woman find they found it hard/impossible to orgasm with a partner before NoFap vs orgasming fine/more easily after? The last time i tried NoFap for 2 weeks years ago I found it improved the sensation and connection with my boyfriend. I don't know how NoFap would affect things now as I don't have a partner so I was curious to ask
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    I'm in the same boat, as in no partner, but from what I read in the journals it seems your experience is very common. We get desensitized from porn and masturbation and our bodies re-learn how to respond over time, when we stop that behavior.
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    I didnt MO for the first time until I was 21.

    Before that I used to O PIV all the time! After I started M'ing & fantasising I couldnt O with a man in any way whatsoever, unless i did it myself.

    47 days after quitting MO I started O'ing from oral.

    I've now also quit oral in at attempt to get my PIV O's back. It's hell haha I've had 3 weeks of pretty severe dopamine withdrawal. It's easing up now but I am starting to flatline x
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