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Discussion in 'Rebooting in a Relationship' started by newman42, Jul 24, 2017.

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    I am 20 y/o attempting to reboot, now 16 days w/o PM. I'm seeing this really cool girl right now who also happens to be a virgin. I feel like I've finally found a girl that is genuinely interested in me.

    Every time we're together she wants to have sex. I've abstained form PM so far.

    Last weekend we were getting into it and initially I was erect. Though it went away within a min or two. I tried to rub my self a little bit to get hard again but it did not work. I gave her oral and as we continued to make out she end up on top of me completely nude. She was pretty wet at his point. I too finally undressed completely and began to gain an erection again with the sensation of her rubbing on me. Just as I was about to be confident enough to put on a condom I experienced PE. This is the only time I've O'd during my reboot.

    Does having a O in this manner affect my reboot? I really want to work towards getting better and satisfy this girl, but obviously that doesn't happen overnight. Really don't know what to do now and feeling really disappointed in myself. The other shitty thing about this situation is we both go back to different schools in about a month.

    Thoughts/direction/similar experiences would be appreciated!
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    It won't affect your reboot because it was natural. However, having performance troubles such as PE will take longer to heal if you take part in sex with a girl regularly. I would tho, if I were you. It may take longer, but at least you can have natural sex with a girl!!

    If your PE issues keep happening you should be open and discuss it with her. That way she doesn't think it's her thinking she's not good or unattractive.

    Good luck!
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    Sorry to break it to you but shes not a virgin

    Also if you cum really fast then just fuck her again?

    If your 20 then you should have no trouble having sex 5-6 times in a night

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