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    subject - this thread is for those who want to do better in life with help of nofap. No PMO gives us a great supply of fuel in our body but there should be proper use of this fuel. people on nofap can win the world, i think this very strongly.

    target people - the students, entrepreneurs, businessmen, 9-5 salaried people(create a balance in life), everyone who is trying to create a discipline and success in life.

    Targets to achieve -
    1) target working for 80 hours a week.
    2) harboring positive outlook towards life.
    3) walk for at least 2-3 kilometers a day.
    4) take care of family. never argue with family.
    5) last but not the least, have faith in yourself, in your capabilities and you'll surely be highly successful one day.

    What to report here via posts-

    1) how many hours you worked towards your goal. (especially students and entrepreneurs )
    2) did you stay positive whole day. if not post reason(you should be self aware)
    3) if you worked for less than 5 hours, post word "FAIL" in beginning of your post.(stay honest).
    4) your local time, in beginning of your post.

    try to keep posts short and concise. please report daily. we need to work hard and create discipline in life. we need to be highly successful in our life. i want me and all you people to be high achievers.

    negative people please don't discourage others. if you FAIL one day try to work hard next day but always need to strive.
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    SUNDAY 8:10 PM

    1) worked for around 6-7 hours.(embarking on 80 hours target for week from monday)
    2) stayed productive and really serious in getting to better productivity levels. made good relations with family and didn't argue on anything.
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    Sunday just started but i woke up early (6:30) and I have planned my travel this week, and defined a specific budget to stick to. Don’t plan to give myself wiggle room for hanky panky. Got snacks for the road ;jellybeans and almonds. Trying to cut back on sugar, but hey it’s Easter...

    Lawn work is happening now , with a meeting to review personal finances (include wife, dad, and lawyer for transparency). Then a meeting this afternoon with the kids at church (I’m the coach).

    Suitcase is almost packed and I will hit the road this evening.

    It’s 10:30am here.
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    @need4realchg bro try to include your local time, at which you are posting your productivity post.
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  5. delhiboy

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    Day 2
    10:12 PM

    Worked for around 7-8 hours.
    In a blissful state of mind.
    Made good bonding with family

    Tomorrow i will try to work for 11-12 hours.
    Lets see if i succeed.
    Its night here in india and just going to sleep now.
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  6. need4realchg

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    Day 2,
    Currently 1:04pm
    I just arrived to Airbnb setting up appointments for today, and then I plan to go work out somewhere. Eat a nice goat dinner then maybe a bar for some drinks before retiring to bed.
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  7. delhiboy

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    day 3
    6:43 PM
    1) morning was productive.
    2) worked for 6-7 hours.
    3) wasted lot of time on nofap site today. (will take care of that in future).
    4)productivity level was low after noon because nofap and youtube took up lot of time.
    5) shall try to make up for that in night time.

    tomorrow goal-
    1) wake up at sharp 5 AM and go for a 2 km run.
    2) giving at least 11-12 hours in work.
    3) however this site helped me a lot i find myself spending lot of time on nofap. when ever i think of fap i go to will try to minimise the time spent here.
    4) maximum 1 hour of screen time for non useful matter(no matter what), going to install some app to take note of that.
    5) more discipline and work ethic. no postponing of important stuff.

    i am really happy i am for more than 2 weeks have not fapped. this has happened just because of the support of my fellow warriors here.
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  8. delhiboy

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    5:45 PM

    i missed few days of productivity because i was doing a lot of things, this is my second day of no caffeine.

    day was great, full of productivity.
    severe headache is there but i literally dont care about it, because i was the one who got addicted to caffeine at the first place.
    i am feeling change in life.
    positivity is high in life.
    family is good and bonded.
    i am working hard since morning. i woke up at 5AM and around 8 hours of productivity is under my belt.
    night is still remaining. i am going to kill it with the help of nofap and no porn, no nicotine, no caffeine.

    i am thankful to god, i came to know about this NoFap. in my success and fellow warriors played a big big role. thank you so much.
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  9. need4realchg

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    Day three, I had to travel and had some problemS with my bank card I was unable to make my appointment.

    Today I’m traveling again to Chicago and will be working remotely. My number 1 goal is to file my expense report today.
    Update my reports.
    It’s 9:05 I only got 3 hours of sleep.
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  10. delhiboy

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    You'll surely be able to complete that brother. All the best.
  11. delhiboy

    delhiboy Fapstronaut

    How are you feeling, you are 7 days pmo free now. Congratulations
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  12. need4realchg

    need4realchg Fapstronaut

    It’s a really impressive feat man. Thanks to God and the support.
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    day - 9
    11:22 AM

    productivity has taken a hit due to severe kind of urges i am facing severe urges since yesterday night.

    now walked a bit tried to keep my focus only on work. but i am sure these urges are going to come back. i shall keep myself busy to ignore these urges.

    every other thing is normal.

    things to do cover today

    1) humble 8 hours work.

    2) keep focus straight.

    3) no talking to my ex, she messed up all things. she came back yesterday and it keep giving me urges. but fuck it. i am not going to keep my mind on her.

    i shall update my productivity log around 10 in night.
  14. need4realchg

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    7:43 am local time.

    Day #10 I think?
    went to bed super early (10:30) and was proud i made a decision to do so.
    Woke up super early today *6:30*
    submitted by exp report by 7:30
    weekly sales report is due by 9:00
    going to do breakfast and hit the gym by 9:00
    Back and shower by 10:30
    repack for trip today,
    airport by 2:00pm, arrive in c. america by 8:30.
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  15. need4realchg

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    what power does your ex- have on you? How can an ex mess you up? Do you have kids?
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  16. delhiboy

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    No no man, i am not married yet. I was talking about ex girlfriend
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    Even if you do.... lots of married guys have girlfriends lol. I have a few. They can really mess me up. Haha
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    You lucky man :D
  19. need4realchg

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    Haha haha man. Next time you travel outside drinks are on me. Or chicks. Whichever you need. Lol.

    *Brotha from anotha mutha*
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  20. delhiboy

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    Haha ok done man.

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