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    This page contains the rules for NoFap's forum. Failure to abide by these rules could result in the following:

      • Removal of your post(s)
      • A warning from the NoFap moderation team
      • Probationary posting (your posts require moderator approval to appear)
      • Complete removal of your ability to post on NoFap (banning) for any period of time, including permanently
      • In the case of advertising or spam, the URL may be blacklisted from our network
    Usage of NoFap constitutes agreement to NoFap's user agreement.

    Do not post pornographic images or links. This will result in an immediate ban from the NoFap platform.

    If you want to include sexually suggestive writing or writing that might arouse people, such as describing a sexual encounter, please use the "SPOILER" code to block it out.

    NoFap hosts one of the most supportive user-bases on the internet. Please help us keep it that way. Be nice to other users of our website, be helpful and supportive, be positive, and although you may not agree with somebody, always assume they are operating in good faith until proven otherwise.

    Please treat other NoFap users with respect. No name calling, no insults, and no degrading comments. Err on the side of not personally attacking other users. Please keep in mind that everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    Misogyny, misandry, racism, anti-LGBT, or any sweeping statements pertaining to every member of a demographic of people is not permitted. Although we may have differing viewpoints, we're all here to help each other abstain from PMO.

    If you reveal the identity of another user without permission, you will be banned. More commonly known as "doxxing," it is against the rules to post personal information about another user without permission from that user. Threats to reveal the identity of another user are also grounds for being banned from the NoFap platform. Personal information includes real name, address, family information, career information, or other information about themselves, gathered from outside of NoFap, in a bad faith attempt to harm the person in some way. If somebody wants to remain anonymous, let them remain anonymous. If an accountability partner or online friend gives you their real name, do not post it here unless if they are okay with it.

    Stay on topic. Make sure you're posting in the proper forum section. Don't hijack other user's threads with replies that are unrelated to the original post. If you break this rule, the moderation team will likely just delete your posts instead of taking the time to move them to the correct place.

    Criticizing rebooting (abstaining from porn, masturbation, or even orgasm altogether) is permitted. We will not prevent you from expressing your arguments, even if we disagree with them. If you want to debate about porn or masturbation, just don't detail another person's submission or try to discourage particular NoFap users - post a new thread to share your views.

    Respect other people's reboots. While it is alright to have your own opinions about the "proper" way to reboot, it is against the rules to actively discourage particular users from reaching their own individually-elected rebooting parameters. For example, encouraging a user who is abstaining from PMO in their thread to use pornography because using porn is "okay" to you is against the rules. But you can argue that point in your own thread. It is alright to answer questions "Is watching porn okay?" and then offering your opinion but only do so if your advice is solicited. It is also acceptable to recommend additional rebooting parameters ("hey man you should consider abstaining from orgasm too!"), just please don't discourage them from reaching the goals that they have already set for themselves.

    Advertising is not permitted. NoFap is not the place for you to promote your products, article, blog, ebook, video, mailing list, website, etc. Advertiser accounts will be banned.

    Collection of user information is not permitted. Studies, petitions, or other initiatives that collect user contact information will be removed unless if first approved by NoFap.

    No posting unsolicited casting notices for reality television, interviews, or other media correspondence without first contacting and getting permission from NoFap. All media requests should be submitted here.

    "NoFap" is the name of our website and it is a registered trademark. We have other trademarks too, such as Fapsronaut, Get a New Grip on Life, and People over Porn. In order to protect our brand and our ability to help people around the world, we have to enforce our exclusive use of our trademarks. Click here to view our trademark usage guidelines. While external websites that utilize our name are not permitted, we highly encourage users to start their own unofficial accountability groups within our network. Violating NoFap's trademarks can result in legal action.

    Don't ask for post likes or replies. This includes as voting systems, etc. "For every like/reply I won't masturbate for a day!" posts will be removed.

    Please refrain from posting things of religious or anti-religious nature unless if you’re sharing your personal story within your personal journal. If someone mentions how religion or a lack of religion has helped them, please do not criticize them directly. If you want to debate, there are other web communities for that. Unless if you’re sharing your own personal story within your own personal journal thread, submissions should be secular so that users from all backgrounds can benefit from it. Live and let live - regardless of your faith or lack thereof, don't try to impose your views onto other Fapstronauts. For conversation geared towards your particular beliefs, check out the user-organized Groups feature. If a group doesn't exist for your religion, you are more than welcome and encouraged to start one. Get in-touch with a moderator.

    Be sensitive to easily-aroused users. Please don't go into graphic detail about your sexual exploits without using the "spoiler" code (as seen in the posting toolbar). Don't mention the names of specific porn websites or performers without blocking out the text with spoiler code.

    Don't deliberately detract from the experience of other users' ability to use the website. This includes excessively bumping threads, posting the same message repeatedly, using images that are too large and break the functionality of the website, or other actions that intend to disrupt the normal use of NoFap.

    The NoFap moderation team reserves the right to remove content or restrict users' posting privileges as necessary if it is deemed detrimental to the NoFap organization or to the experience of other users. See the user agreement, which is linked on the footer of every page.

    If you have any questions or comments about the rules, please feel free to contact a moderator. If you see something, say something. If you see a post that breaks these rules, click the report icon to alert the moderation team to take action.

    Some staff, contractors, volunteers, or other members of the NoFap team use usernames or aliases instead of their real names. This is done for various personal reasons, but often to prevent their work here from interfering with their outside-NoFap-lives.
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