Nofap helped me quit booze!

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Cojax, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. Cojax

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    Ok this is not a success story about how I managed to reboot for 3 months (I truly wish it was!) But if you keep on reading you will understand what this is about. You see my motivation for quitting porn has helped me to quit alcohol and as I said the motivation for a better life has never been stronger for me than after joining this community!
    So even if I am not there yet when it comes to beating this addiction I am still happy today for the progress this journey has helped me to so far!

    This is from my journal today: Today it´s been 3 months since I last drank alcohol! This my friends is HUGE for a guy like me. I have self-midecated with alcohol since my early 20s. I knew I had a problem with the drinking for the last couple of years, I have made saveral attempts to stay away and I think the longest I have endured is 2 months.
    My main reason for quitting the booze this time was because of nofap. I knew that if I wanted to be able to enjoy life with a fully recovered brain I could not keep on fucking it up with alcohol to! And I knew alcohol is a huge trigger so it would eventually lead to relaps. So my motivtion for quitting porn has been so strong that it helped me to stay away from alcohol for this long and that is a great success for me. But it also shows how strong the porn addiction is. I have managed to quit alcohol but not yet porn. But I will get there, I will never give up this fight!
  2. Time4aChange

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    That tells us something when it's easier to quit drinking than it is to quit porn... Stay strong brother!
  3. JohnnyChimpo

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    Congratulations, you've done great. I've been self-medicating with benzos and alcohol since age 17 and I'm 34 now, so it's been exactly half my lifetime. Unfortunately, nofap is stressing me out and I am even more tempted to go back to drinking and pilling, but it can be resisted.

    Once again, great job, that's a huge accomplishment!
  4. Cojax

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    Time4aChange: Exactly my point! I have such a struggle to quit alcohol before but now it seems like a walk in the park. Makes me respect this challenge even more!

    JohnnyChimpo: Yes it can be resisted! I have used alcohol as self medication for almost 10 years now, and I know it´s hard to quit that shit, but it can be done! I hope you find the streangth to endure and the motivation to create a better life for yourself. Porn has also been self medication for most of us, just like alcohol and drugs for some of us. I hope this journey gives you the streangth to quit your escapism. Good luck brother!
  5. Jimb0

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    Awesome job nofaphoffy! I'm really proud of what you accomplished. Breaking an addiction is not easy. I just wanted to wish you all the best!

  6. Cojax

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    JimbO: Thank you for the encouragement! It means alot to me! Good luck to you to and keep fighting!
  7. Urky

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    Congrats on a great accomplishment. Very inspiring.
  8. Mark

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    Very cool. Keep going mate
  9. FreddyNz

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    This is an awesome story indeed, total congrats on the alcohol, hang in there with the pmo, (though I'm talking to the converted)... that's the spirit too, just lump in all your addictions at once and get clean from the lot, no messing around.. then when it's all over, welcome to the brand new you! :) You'll love the new you, strong, confident, able to take on any challenge head on !
  10. Knight11

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    Looking for a breakthrough,and you got another.I really appreciate the way managed to come out of alcohol addiction.Have you been deliberately doing this? or you're found accidentally driven to quit alcoholism??
  11. Dom Quixote

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    Great testimony, Cojax, and great job! I have cut way back on drinking while undertaking the NoFap challenge, but I never made it a goal to quit entirely. I've done it for the same reason that you did, because overindulging with alcohol and Fapping are symbiotic harmful habits. In addition to addressing two bat habits, I've taken on a very good habit by returning to my Catholic faith which teaches that for someone single like me, Fapping is a mortal sin (a very grave sin that will prevent you from attaining heaven). Obviously I am very very motivated to extend my streak of being clean not just to my stated 90-day goal, but forever. I wish you the very best as you seek to overcome all addictions that damage the human body, spirit, and/or soul.

    Wishing you peace and strength, my friend
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  12. The gardener

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    Congrats! Keep strong!!

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