NoFap: Day 33

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    So, here I am today.. I told myself I wasn't going to make a post until later.. but I decided I might as well help you guys from what I have learned this past few month. I am very happy to take this opportunity because of my success.

    Now, it would be dishonest if I said I haven't touched myself, I did, to test out my sensitivity. (Don't do it! You will put yourself in a high-risk area. I went to bed reflecting on what I did, and I literally made myself sick. I will not test my sensitivity). But, if you are curious about the sensitivity, it does slightly noticeably increases. And I'm circumcised. For a couple of months, I comtemplated rather or not circumcision caused my dysfunction. It put me in a bad depression because I felt helpless, and not to mention the fact that was when I was blatantly boosted with PMO sessions. I thought to myself, I was a faliure. A sexual faliure, and a faliure as a human being. I was lazy, unmotivated, ugly, pretty much the worse hard-shelled tentative person you can be.

    It took me a while to find NoFap, but I randomly stumbled across Gary Wilson's "Your Brain On Porn" or something back in October. It was interesting. At the first few minutes of the presentation, I was very skeptical and I thought this was some complete bullshit. But, the better side of me was curious. Like, "Would this help with my penis issue? I'm only 14" (I'm 15 now). And I do like some science, so this intrigued me and I kept watching it.

    In the beginning of the few couple months of when I discovered NoFap, it was extremely hard. Well, at least I made it that way. I was a complacent loser, I had no drive for nothing, and I was a social outcast. I would get messed around at the lunch table most of the time by my friends (they mess with eachother, and I mess with them as well, but they would always pick me out a lot). Pretty pathetic, huh?

    I have gotten so neurotic, and obsessive over NoFap that I would spend many hours on it browsing through the forum, and trying to be the most active person there. I would sit my ass in that chair, while eating some McDonald's almost every single day.

    Using NoFap WAAY TOO MUCH might be counter-intuitive for some people, especially me. I really do not like reading other people who are a depression-dependency personality, and those who can't even make it 2 days, and they whine. I might as well jump onto the failure bandwagon, because you know that it is extremely easy to do.

    Fast forward a couple of months to Summer. That's when I finally starting getting my act together. I wanted to seriously get better. I wanted to surprise people when they see me again sophomore year. I added NoFap as one of the most important goals onto this list.

    To me, NoFap is a catalyst for me. Though, the benefits of just simply 30 days is not that superhuman superpowers. And not all of these benefits of directly NoFap from itself. But, it gives you strength and drive to help you improve other things in your life that can also boost your confidence.

    NoFap benefits:

    I feel slightly more confident.
    More blissful in the more mundane stuff.
    More authority, masculine-type behavior.
    More chill, less mood-swings.
    Started working more. (Mowing lawns, cutting down wood, etc.)
    Clearer face.
    Willpower to eat healthy.
    More attention from girls.
    Girls becoming more attractive.
    Penis is becoming harder and bigger.
    Losing weight.
    More respect from other boys, and men.
    Build muscle easier.
    Much more energetic, able to expend more energy into exercises, and sports.
    Less time on the computer. Allowing your brain to rest for a while.
    Taking myself away from negative people.
    Not giving a shit what other people think.
    Just having a good time.

    To be able to actually combat NoFap, and to really make this journey easy for you:

    You must build a drive from the beginning. NoFap will simply mutate it, which will make your journey swimmingly...

    - Work/ Get a job.
    - Work out/ exercise.
    - Eat healthier.
    - Less time on the computer.
    - When urges arises, close everything and stay away from the computer temporarily.
    - Don't focus on NoFap too much, just focus on life.

    When you're bored, do what I said above. Watch a good movie (comedy movies, Christmas movies, other things, etc) or TV shoes. Just keep yourself occupied and relaxed.

    Oh, and PS about the circumcision issue: I blamed all my issues on circumcision, and it made me neurotic. I got obsessed over the fact I was because I felt like my dick was always dead and numb and it occupied 99% of my mindspace.

    But, after a year of discovering it. It doesn't effect me in my life anymore, I just simply don't care anymore.. In fact, I'm joyous to be circumcised. NoFap is helping my dull sensitivity issue, and my penis is now hard as a rock. Cheers.
  2. aLex is intoxicated

    aLex is intoxicated Fapstronaut

    Oh, and yeah. I'm tan, and my face is almost clear, and I'm handsome as fuck. So, I ain't ugly anymore. Shut up.
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    I'm going to come back and give this a proper response later on. For now I want to say thank you for your awesome. I love the fact that you realised, you're only going to succeed when you get serious.

    Good man!
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    This is the best part.

    Congratulations :) Stay on the track and even greater things awaits you :)
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    I can attest to everything you've shared on this post
    , good shit! Keep going!
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    I'm circumcised but I never knew what the problem was with it. Are most guys not circumcised?
  7. aLex is intoxicated

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    Well, in America.. most guys are. The rest of the world, not so much. It doesn't really matter to me. Some foreign girls actually like it cut over there too.
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    I am scrolling through Success post from those who are at a similar stage to me... just to add my congratulations and support
  9. Congraulations fellow fapostraunt

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