NoFap and ONLY 55 minutes of P in 1.5 years! very simple trick.

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    Hi All

    I am 30, and got married about 6.5 years ago, just wanted to share my experience, I tried stopping PMO for more than 10 years, I went to extremes at points (tough punishment for myself when resetting,...), my drive to stop is: get my time and mental health back, but more importantly, self-reconciliation, especially, religious commitment.

    I achieved a huge success during last year on my career and family fronts (got a graduate degree, top paying job, better family life, and less conflict, and more ...), I don't believe what I achieved, and I attribute that mainly for stopping PMO.

    My last fap is more than 1.5 years (550 days), and my total P watched during these 550 days is about 55 minutes ONLY!!!, the last time I watched it is more than 5 months ago (trying to hit 6 months at least and go beyond).

    I have a healthy relation with SO from all aspects (1-3 PIV/week, sometimes less).

    Now, how did I do it? I actually came up with the idea myself, I didn't read about it anywhere, it is extremely simple, but it worked!

    I've kept a record log of what happened, every time I fap, I write on the document (actually, I have a single fap on my record surprisingly, which was the first and last one), and then, everytime I watch P, I write when, and how long it was, now as time passes, when I feel the urge, instead of actually watching P, I go to that document (I used a google docs document, so that I can access it on mobile or from desktop very quickly, and I named it a generic name, so that no one can understand what it means), what happenes everytime I get the urge, is that I go to the document, and check how long I didn't do anything wrong, and I feel the urge of acheiving a longer period, and for me, the later urge wins most of the time!! I don't believe that this works for everybody, but it certainly did for me.

    My log book is similar to this (first section is for Fap, and second one is for watching P, I recorded when did that happen, and for how long roughly I watched in minutes):
    Last F:

    Last P:
    1/12 - 15

    13/1 - 20
    20/1 -5

    And so on.

    Please let me know if I am mad! but I am loving acheiving more and more length of NoFap! hope that it works for you as well.

    I've read about the site on BBC! and thought why not share my story, and hopefully, some will benefit.
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    Thanks for sharing! Great ideas, I'll have to give it a try
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  3. 0Cool0

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    Good to see your awesome streak. Keep up the good work Brother.
    And yes it works but upto some extent.. I am doing the same since 4 months back but don't know why I relapsed again and again. Hope to go far this time. :)
    Again Good Luck Brother.
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  4. rooftop

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    Can you share a screenpic or something showing part of the document to see how it works?

    I really haven´t understood anything haha sorry man
  5. Hi. Welcome to forum. Thanks for sharing this. Awesome job so far, keep it up!
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  6. sent

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    Sorry for the late response.

    Here is an actual screenshot of the file:
    s = small = P (from PMO)
    b = big = M+O (From PMO)

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  7. Roady

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    Why is your counter showing up 187, and not 500+?
  8. sent

    sent New Fapstronaut

    My counter counts since last time I watched the P from PMO.

    The M of the PMO didn't happen for more than 550 days.
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