No PMO - Day 40

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    As of 15th June, I am now on Day 40 :) this feels like a great achievement, and it’s my 2nd best attempt at quitting PMO (my record being 7 months free in 2013).

    Had a good day today in terms of no urges, been too busy with friends and work to have time to myself. Also spent time watching the World Cup which has mentally distracted me.

    It would be a lie if I said I haven’t been thinking of girls, or PMO. It’s been a rocky road. But I feel a lot less guilt, shame and anxiety, it is such a change to have a nice and long break from those feelings.

    I am back at my girlfriend’s house tomorrow. It is only 2.5 days until our holiday. That is a guaranteed extra 10 days without PMO due to where we are heading. There’s no doubt we will have sex in that time, I know that sometimes causes the chaser effect, but I’m not counting the sex as a relapse. More time and attention on my girlfriend was one thing I wanted to happen out of no PMO.

    I am pleased with my progress so far. Quitting PMO is hard. Overall, I have seen more pros than cons from cutting it out.
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