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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by NoFapuk, May 17, 2015.

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    Hello .

    Im from the UK . 33 yrs old . Not really sure about giving my real name on here , but i assume its fine not to.

    Recently i have come off anti depressents ,I've taken these tablets on and off for many years, as ive always had problems with depression and anxiety. Ive now been clean of anti depressents for around 2 months, and although I still get episodes of depression and anxiety quite regular this problem is no worse now than when i was taking the meds . So my conclusion is that i've done the right thing by coming off them.

    Fapping and porn is something that i have always done for as long as i can remember. This next part may sound stupid but it is true - It only recently dawned on me recently that my fapping and porn habit could be contributions to my depression and anxiety.
    In all the years i have been fapping and watching porn to excess i never once thought that this could be harming to my mental health in someway.

    I mean i dont actually categorically know if fapping 2-3 times on average per day for 15+ years could in some way be bad for me , all i know are the things that ive read on this forum and what ive read on the internet since starting to researcg this subject in the last week or so.

    I've never had many problems meeting and having sex with women, and i do currently have a girlfriend who ive been with for a few years. However , before i got with her and even now, i do have problems talking to and building relationships with people outside of my family or my usual circle.
    Only recently have i thought that my fapping and porn habit may be the reason for this or at least contributing to it.

    Since losing my job last years i have been stuck in a rut where, naturally depression would occur. As a consequence of this i feel i have been fapping and watching porn on average 3+ times daily.

    I dont actually feel that the porn habit is the problem because basically i only use porn if i know i am going to fap . i dont even watch the whole clip, and as soon as ive reached orgasm the porn is switched off. I suppose you could say that i use it as a tool to get where i want to be ,and then when reaching that point i dispose of it.

    However because of the extent of my habit increasing in the last couple of months i find it very difficult to satisfy my girlfriend in bed.
    When having sex i frequently get premature ejaculation,i cant last no longer than a few minutes and i have weak erections.

    These are the only side affects that i can say 100% are caused by my fapping habit.

    Anyway , after doing some reading on this website last week i decided to go cold turkey and im now 4 days in to no fapping and no porn. However, i dont give myself full credit as i have been very busy in those 4 days so i havent had the time anyway.
    I do now feel though that my real test will be in the next few days because i am less busy.

    As a conclusion ,i will say im grateful for the information provided on this website and i hope to use it as a tool to help me give up on fapping and porn and to improve my depression/anxiety

    Im unsure if giving up will improve these things so if anyone could share any insight or personal experience id be grateful .

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    so anyway ..i just broke the streak :( . i suppose i kind of broke it on purpose because of the fact that i was curious if my limp dick had gone back to normal after id drained it so hard 4 days ago.
    i didnt really feel bad about breaking it as i know i can try again from now , however i have learned that even when not wanking for 4 days straight i still cannot maintain a erection for a very long time .
    Also , i anticipated a large amount of semen/spunk being as though ive had a 4 day streak of nofap, suprisingly though there wasnt that much of it at all.

    day 1 will commence tommorow. i feel i will have more confidence this time as i now have more resources to help. if not for the curiousity thing i think i couldve carried on my 4 days streak. oh well no point dwelling now.
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    pmo'd again this morning , so failed twice in 5 days. this isnt good but i suppose i can now take the positive from it that i realize i do have a problem ,whereas i didnt even contemplate this a week ago.
    i thought my depression and anxietys may be down to other issues.
    After failing today i feel somewhat lethargic and withdrawn. During the 4 days of NoFap i also felt this way , so im now a little confused as to whether its worth it or not.
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    It helps me to read the forums and stuff almost every day... at least it encourages me to try harder and to focus in what I want to do: get rid of this. I think it is a bad habit (at least for me).
    Don't get discouraged if you try and PMO after a couple of days... As you said, you have been doing this a long time so it is not like evrything is going to change overnight... It takes time... But if you put all your guts into it, you will succeed.
    All the best bro.
  5. NoFapuk

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    thanks for the kind words. i think i am going to begin by setting reaslistic goals .
    Starting from tomorow im gonna aim to go 7 days then maybe pmo as little as possible on the 8th day then aim to go 14 days etc..
    i think small steps are the way forward for me.
    i probably will be having sex during this time though so i dont really know if that is a good thing or bad thing.

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