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  1. So I registered today. I posted an into here. I am creating this journal too now with intention that blogging here will keep me motivated to not relapse. New year is coming and it's when everybody is starting their new year's resolutions. So I think I might just dedicate my journal to those as well, on top of my reboot.

    I signed up for multiple challenge threads on Events & Challenges section 7, 14, 21, 30, 60, 90 and 365 days. I'm gonna be posting there daily and also here in my journal. That all should be enough motivation.

    Ideally my goal is to go one year without any porn and masturbation. Possibly full celibacy mode, will see. That should be enough to fix my brain and get rid of this addiction I think.

    On top of that I want to start meditating, eating healthy and reading every day. As well as work towards my goal of being self employed.

    Right now I'm stuck in a hole of depression, tons of junk food, PMO and bad habits in general. Very sick of living this meaningless life. Last time I did nofap seriously years ago I reached a stage where I was on positive momentum and very happy. Wanna get back to that place. And wanna make out something of this life.

    I am also interested in semen retention and sexual energy transmutation. Chi energy, astral projection and just magic and occult in general. Nest year I want to focus on sparing some time for those practices as well.
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  2. So this is day two of my journey. Day one was pretty easy and I don't expect it to get that much difficult until about 5 to 7 days in, judging from past experiences.

    One of the new years resolutions for me is to lose some weight. Right now I am skinnyfat and I would like to cut down to just skinny first and then start to build some muscle. I got this book called Convict Conditioning that I plan top use. Also would like to get into stretching routine. First thing is to lose fat though so not starting any of this other stuff until that's done.

    I'm thinking fasting seems like fastest way how to lose weight. I used to do intermittent fasting and one meal a day a while ago and had a lot of benefits. I think it's time to resume it. I also found this video on Youtube about Dr Nun Amen Ra and his life extension practice. That kind of stuff fascinates me and is motivating. Plus it was a good reminder that I need to make sure my nutrition is on point if I want to maintain this kid of diet long term. I am actually thinking of purchasing some of his books to learn more about it. But so far to me this seems like the ideal way of eating. I would like to eventually get to the same place as he is in right now.

    I am also thinking longer fasting for multiple days in a row might be beneficial. I looked into it and it seems a good way how to deal with addictions. At first I thought fasting for so long was dangerous but then I started to do my research and it seems to be actually very healthy. I read Toxemia Explained by Dr. J. H. Tilden couple months ago as well as started to read, although never finished, a book called The Science and Fine Art of Fasting by Herbert M. Shelton. The more I look into it the more I want to try it out, like 7 day water fast or something. Maybe I will just go for it.
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    Yo brother, same thing going on here. This is really the first time taking new year's resolutions seriously but quitting porn and losing weight puts us in the same boat. Fasting looks like a good idea. I've done intermittent fasting (8/16) for a long time and didn't really see any weight loss. I'm thinking of doing something more drastic though, let me know how it works out! You could try Keto too, I did that for two weeks and went from 180 to 171. It sucks eating a bunch of fat sometimes, but great for a quick tune up.
  4. All right, 4 days done, on day 5 now. Had dreams last couple nights in a row of watching porn. Felt like I was close to wet dream too but didn't happen. Sexual thoughts and fantasies are pretty much a thing right after waking up and before sleep. Sometimes during day too. Not as bad as it can be after a week or two but still about 70% of my max.

    Gotta get back in mindfulness meditation so I can catch myself. Otherwise it's hard to resist them. No real urges to fap or watch porn though yet. Had one tiny urge yesterday but it was more like an automatic habit due to short moment of unconsciousness and not so much an urge; once I remembered that I was on nofap it was super easy to resist it. I gotta be careful about these unconscious habits kicking in, I might just end up clicking stuff automatically without even realizing that I am not supposed to. One more reason to start meditating again to increase my awareness.

    I'm gonna introduce a meditation practice any day now haha. Currently working on weight loss and fasting. Did something like 36 hour fast yesterday and then was not able to hold back urges and ate. Even though I felt no physical hunger, it was all in my head - cravings for some pleasure. Food might be another addiction for me on top of porn. Yet another reason to get back into meditation, cos it helps with addictions of all kinds. Anyhow, I am fasting today as well and then we will see how long I can take it. I want to do 7 days but it will depend how I feel and whether my cravings win again.
  5. Hi, thanks for commenting on my journal! Yea, when I did IF I did not lose much weight from that either, but I mean seen a lot of other benefits like skin clearing up, less hungry, better mood, more energy, etc. Used to experiment with keto long time ago too and had lot's of fat loss on it at a time. But I stopped when I stopped eating animal products. Don't wanna just live on oil, sounds pretty boring haha. Besides high fat foods makes me feel kind of less energetic than carbs. Fasting does not, so there might be something more to it than just ketosis.
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    when did you start?
  7. Start what?
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    your current streak?
  9. 5 days ago, like my counter says. So that would be Dec 30th.
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    Good for you, you have not even masturbate or seen pornography so far in 2019, that can be a good motivation.
  11. Yea, I'm counting on it too. My goal is to have whole 2019 free of porn and masturbation. Not sure how it's gonna work out, hope I don't mess up. But that's what I am aiming for.
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    If you do intermittent fasting 16/8 you should not eat not more than 2 meals in the 8 hours, otherwise you will not loose fat. Most of the people think, they can eat whatever they want and as much as they want in the 8 eating hours and wondering, why they don't loose fat.

    I am fasting 3 days a week. It's a variation of intermittent fasting. On Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday I do not eat any solid food and I'm only drinking water, tea and coffee. Every fasting day lasts about 36 hours without calories. I lost 12 kilograms in about 20 weeks. This way of fasting is much more effective to loose weight, because you simply eat less calories, but this diet needs more willpower.

    I also tried to fast for several days in a row, but for daily life this is not recommended. You should do that when you're on holidays because it's very exhausting.
  13. Nofap day 12 update. Libido is about 100% now. Still no urges to masturbate or to watch porn. I have urges to touch myself tho. Not in a masturbation kind of way but more like in a way one would grab their arm if they would hit it real painfully. Or in a way like somebody would rub their neck when it's stiff and hurts. I have this pressure down there and doing this seem to help. But it's slippery habit because few seconds too much and it starts to turn into tingly feeling and that can escalate to masturbation. So I am officially setting myself a genital no-touch goal. Only when I need to for washing or urinating. I am also setting myself a goal to not touch above the knees and below my navel, when they are not covered by clothing (for genitals no touch even when they are covered by clothing), unless I need to for washing or putting closes on. These are the only exceptions.

    Fasting been doing fine. I fasted for one day, then refed (more that I needed but oh well) then fasted for another 3 days, refed (this time not too much food) then fasted for another two days and I finally last ate yesterday. Fasting again today and planning to go for 7 or 8 days this time. My record in past is 4 days.

    I'm approximating I will need one and a half or two weeks of fasting days until I reach my desired body weight. Once that is done I am gonna get into building some muscle. Have an exercise program in mind already.
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  14. Awesome, I'm happy to see that there are many people who practice this stuff here on forums. A decade ago when fasting was not so popular I would have been seen as an anorexic or something if I would ate only one meal a day haha. Fasting has really gained some popularity during recent years.

    I used to ate one meal a day and fast 23 hours, counted calories too back then but now I don't. Did not lose any weight on maintenance cals, only when I decreased them. So I feel intermittent fasting isn't really a reason for it, it's still mainly about calories it's just that people tend to ate less if they do IF. It's also true for me cos I get satiated way better by one big meal than many tiny ones.

    I had lost weight in past by eating 5 meals a day, I just counted calories. Still though it was very slow so I am fasting for speed of weight loss now. Plus eating many meals a day while counting calories is way harder for me. Because it's easier for me to discipline myself to not ate at all than to stop while I am still eating but not yet satiated. It's like my brakes are broken or something haha. But it's not a problem if I don't start driving to begin with.
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    I tried one meal a day for a few months, but that was too stressful for me. I like fruits, salad, fresh and cooked vegetables, etc. Packing everything in just one meal was too hard for me.
    On my eating day I eat as much as I want.
    If you eat a whole day nothing, your cravings are significant reducing after a few weeks. Then the cells have to do autophagy and are eating their own cell trash ... maybe this is the reason why the weight is reducing very quick without loosing body energy ...
  16. Day 13 update. It was a dream where I had sex and not masturbated. But the thing is it was also a lucid dream, at least partly lucid. I knew I was dreaming and I found somebody to have sex with cos I missed the feeling of orgasm. It's like that desire possessed me and I could not control myself (kinda the same way as relapse would be in real life).

    I am not sure whether I was 100% conscious (but then again, we never are during a relapse) because as soon as I woke up right before orgasm I immediately regretted and tried to stop it. Sometimes it worked in a past when I flex my PC muscle real hard. That has stopped it but it has also happened that I had a dry orgasm. So I hoped if I not stop it maybe at least I can retain semen. My PC have not been exercised in a while and was weak so I failed to stop it. But I think I retained some semen, but not much.

    I am confused whether intentional orgasm during lucid dream is to be considered masturbation or not. It's like a masturbation cos I caused it intentionally at that moment. But also it was sex in a dream and not MO in a dream, but then again dream is MO cos I am having sex with myself in my head haha. I don't know...
  17. Yea, if you like all these foods fitting all that fiber in your belly can be an issue. I don't wanna brag but I was pretty experienced fatty, so my stomach's quite stretched. :p Well not anymore but back when I used to do one meal a day thing it was.
    Maybe. I've heard that adding potassium and some salt to water is good for keeping energy during long fasts because it maintains electrolytes. Did you do it during your few day fasts? Theoretically I've read one should not really get exhausted on water mixed with sodium and potassium. I have not tried adding these things yet though myself.
  18. It's day 76 on full celibacy mode. Time for update!

    So first of all NoFap update. I did post some small updates on Success Stories forum sections:
    Day 30 -
    Day 60 -

    Everything I wrote there on day 60 report is pretty much still the same now 16 days later. No fantasies about food anymore though. I guess these were more like withdrawal urges. Because for the last couple of weeks they were gone, and they did not got replaced back by sexual fantasies. I will go more into detail about my "NoFood reboot" in another update post later today or tomorrow.

    Another thing I was paying attention last couple of months are my wet dreams. Main reason for this is because I found some info on MSM powder on reddit and wanted to test whether this supplement can be used for wet dream prevention. I posted a threat about it here -

    I will be reporting my results in it eventually. But before that I want to kind of track my wet dreams so I have some data to compare with. Besides with all the fasting I did (aka "NoFood reboot") results might have been flawed, because fasting is know to decrease wet dreams. So I need to get back to proper, regular eating regimen before I attempt to test MSM supplementation on myself. Anyhow, there are my records so far:

    Feb 2nd - Sexual dream. Almost had a wet dream but managed to wake up right before it and stop orgasm and ejaculation completely by kegeling.
    Feb 4th - Sexual WD. Had orgasm, stopped ejaculation partly by kegeling, but most semen got through. About 40% dry O.
    Feb 12th - Sexual WD. Lucid dream, tried to mess around with kissing girls haha but didn't work out and orgasmed. Tried to stop ejaculation by squeezing PC hard. Partly success, just few drops. About 98% dry O.
    Feb 13th - Kind of non sexual WD. Tried to kegel to stop it. Still did not work out, had an orgasm, was not as strong but it was also 100% dry O.
    Feb 19th - Non-sexual WD. Automatically flexed PC and ended with 100% dry O.
    Feb 22nd - Sexual WD. Automatically flexed PC just before PONR (at this point it's automatic for me, it's like a reflex I have trained) and had completely dry orgasm. At this point wondering whether it was just in brain or in actual genitals too. Sometimes I'm not sure.

    Mar 1st - Non-sexual WD. Barely a WT. There were no O and was not dreaming. Just kind of little emission, barely anything just few drops. Woke up during it and not before it like I usually do. Tried to flex PC automatically to stop semen loss but then it already had ended so was too late. I probably should not to myself to not try to prevent non-sexual WDs, because they usually do not involve any sperm and just prostate fluid and are said not to be so draining.

    That's about all so far. It's been 16 days since my last WD. There were some times where I noticed that dream started to go in that direction but I then woke up and got out of bed. Fasting is probably main reason why my WDs have been so few this month compared to last month, since I was deeper in fast. Re-feeding currently, so will see whether they go back to previous frequency.
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    You're doing great! Was just wondering whether these dry orgasms are good for your prostate health? Bearing in mind that you're in for a 365 day goal.
  20. I am wondering about it too. I guess I will find out...

    So far what I gather from my research there are tons of contradictory studies and medical opinions out there. Nobody really knows for sure, not even scientists and doctors themselves. Just whole bunch of speculation from both sides.

    Theoretically all the excess prostate fluid should be able to be discharged during urination.

    Also, there are two types of wet dreams. One is caused by sexual, or sometimes just tension building (such as nightmares, anxious dreams, etc), images in brain and involves loss of sperm and other is simply triggered by pressure in prostate and involves no sexual/tension-building dream, and consists of only prostate fluid with little to none sperm. So I have decided to only prevent former ones - if I wake up before/during WD from dreamless state or a dream which clearly did not cause that tension I will just let that happen.

    That should be somewhat of a decent middle path between semen retention and letting my body do it's thing when it has to.
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