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  1. I'm 19 and i'm going to do NoFap. I've been doing PMO for ~10 years now. I'm making the choice today to quit for the rest of my life.

    I'm a year sober from pot. During that period of smoking, I started watching lesbian porn instead and my sexuality changed. My personal opinion on homosexuality opposed what I did when I was alone and this led to identity issues. I've also had (Drug induced) psychosis surrounding this issue. Since quitting pot, i'm not gay anymore. I was fighting myself for a long time over my sexuality and it was the most painful experience of my life. I decided to treat homosexuality as an addiction and keep my conservative views. Ultimately that led me to quit using pot.

    If you've got a similar story i'd love to hear it. Any advice you'd have for a newbie would also be great.
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    Welcome to NoFap and congratulations on starting your journey.

    Since you mentioned your "conservative views", let me share a bit to encourage you.

    I am 42 year old married man.

    I got introduced to XXX porn at the age of 9. From that day till I started my NoFAP this time, I have been engaging with PMO.... that is before and during my marriage.

    Also I am a Christian minister, so I knew it was wrong, but I rationalized it because it was not fornication or adultery. However, when you finally do get married I have years of all that stuff in my mind and now having to retrain myself fro intimacy with my wife. I don't wish this struggle on anyone.

    And as for P.... what we like is what the mind can come up with. I have had thoughts about lesbian, tranny, even gay. Thing is though, we are not defined by what we think....but what we do.

    And that is the GREAT lie of PM. It is supporting an industry that is destructive. I have supported the porn industry in various ways over the course of my life, but my wife and I are determined to both move forward.

    So be encouraged and just take it 1 day at a time. Start slow and remove the P, then the M.

    If I can do it, then there is hope for anyone

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