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  1. don't want to describe my past which has dragged me into the garbage, and I am not going to talk about it anymore. I am done with myself. just going to get rid of it for sake of me, my mother and my family.i have done so much damage to my body and my mind. now I am done with it.let's start a new life and A REAL LIFE(in terms of health, wealth, relationships) like there is a quote "it's your life make it large".i promise to myself from today there are 73 days left for the new year 2019 and I am going to win this challenge like a warrior and to enter in the year 2019 with new aims and good health not with this shit........I'VE DONE WITH OLD MYSELF AND MY NEW JOURNEY BEGINS FROM NOW...i promise...18.10.2019,11:00pm
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    Good luck, and welcome to the site! Nobody will demand that you talk about your past, so don't worry about having to divulge anything you're not comfortable sharing. Ask questions, read the other journals here, and set your goals, if you want some unsolicited advice on where to start. You got this!
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    Whoa, that sounds like real determination! Good for you, you deserve a new start. We are all here looking for a fresh start and that's what we are gonna get. Won't be easy but it is so doable. Stay strong! :)
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    Welcome to the site, that's one powerful determination if I've ever seen one!

    Don't feel like you have to spill everything out. You only need to share what you feel comfortable sharing at the time you think is right.

    Take care and good luck on your steak! If you have any questions or need someone to talk to feel free to talk to any of us!

    All the best! :)
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