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    So I've started this no PMO streak, and it's been like a bucket of cold water... I'm unemployed (just graduated) so I'm not getting anything to do which makes those boredom urges even worse, some days I take a cup of chamomile tea and read a book. I've been trying to redeem myself from my past life, full of fears and excess. I've been looking for work, though, and from time to time I get myself something to do, like driving somewhere. I'm very anxious, and these days anxiety has been almost unbearable. Day before yesterday I cried like a baby because I couldn't hold it anymore but did not relapse. Even if I wasn't a member, I've been reading you guys all along. I google "NoFap dayI'mcurrentlyin". Your posts keep me motivated so I don't relapse.

    First week was with huge urges, second week was depressive and anxious. I still haven't got the "bright look" some say they get, or the women checking on me (Tho I dont know, not very good at picking those things) or the confidence boost... I'm doing this for the self and willpower. I'm not living in my hometown rn (because I bought a house so I could study in the city, but can't move out yet) and this place gives me bad memories, bad feelings and overall anxiousness. I'm in day 17 tonight and I'm commited to do this.

    Don't stop posting guys, people like you keep the rest motivated!

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