Need someone to share my feelings

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Ricckkiiee, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. Ricckkiiee

    Ricckkiiee New Fapstronaut

    I always feels loneliness ...I am in a need of search of girl that i can express my thougts with her ...if any one girl ..would like to be friend . Be a guide for me ...
  2. Infrasapiens

    Infrasapiens Fapstronaut

    Well then, start looking for one.
  3. Brazilianlearner

    Brazilianlearner Fapstronaut

    If you are needy and wanna express your thoughts, i'm pretty sure it aint gonna last.
    Fix yourself first.
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  4. StarvingSparrow

    StarvingSparrow Fapstronaut

    I'll add to that... it sounds like you are just lonely... if you need to express your thoughts, do it with a guy. They'll understand more. It sucks but it's a better place to start. Otherwise, you'll just end up falling back into your emotions
  5. Brazilianlearner

    Brazilianlearner Fapstronaut

    Actually you should express your feelings with a psychologist. The truth is, don't show your weaknesses to other people, other men will think you're weak, and it's probabilly the biggest turn off for women.
    Society doesn't give a fuck if you're loneliness, and you SHALL be strong by yourself and for yourself. I think that's what Nofap is all about, becoming stronger, don't being a slave.
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  6. Marik757

    Marik757 Fapstronaut

    How about we start here by you telling us what thoughts you want to express? So that we can guide you...
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  7. The Unfadeable

    The Unfadeable Fapstronaut

    If you do find a girl, acting all vulnerable and sharing your thoughts with her is a surefire way to make her run for the hills. Some women say they want a sensitive man but that isn't true on any level.
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  8. vibemaker

    vibemaker Fapstronaut

    Sorry but there's is a lot of bullshit around in this answers. That's just not true.

    If you can be vulnerable around a women and show your weaknesses but also your strength this is so sexy for women. I watched it many times.


    Cause it builds trust and your not feared of her running away, cause you allow her also to see your weak side. This is the opposite of being needy!

    Sadly, too many men don't understand this.

    Men who can't do this are very insecure and needy themselves and hide this behind macho behaviour. And they will never experience a women that truely opens for them. Neither emotional, nor sexual.

    Well... sensitive man get the most beautiful women. That's true. Sensitive man who aren't nice guys.

    @Ricckkiiee : Don't look for a women to fix your lonliness and feeling shitty. That won't work so good.

    Make your life great. Look for a hobby you're passionate about. Share your issues with other men.

    If you feel pretty good on your own, then the girls will come - if you don't need them to be happy. Then you can also be honest about your lonliness, cause you mastered it.
  9. Extremebrah92

    Extremebrah92 Fapstronaut

    Dude, lay it all out on the table go to a bar and just spill it out to whomever the bartender fuck society fuck strong /weak the people at the bar won't even remember you or actually be grateful you shared ur story, man I lapsed after a month but won't reset just count it as 20 days instead of a month it's only a lapse not a hugeee dealll
  10. justafriend

    justafriend Fapstronaut

    I wish I could “like” this ^^^ a thousand times. (I am excluding one sentence with which we can agree to disagree re: nice guys.)
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  11. Rising Force

    Rising Force Fapstronaut

    Usually a Nice Guy is actually not a nice guy.
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  12. vibemaker

    vibemaker Fapstronaut

    Yes exactly. I didn't mean that guys who are nice are unattractive. I mean every girl wants a men who's nice to them (at least I hope so).

    What I meant was the "nice guy-syndrome" it's a common term in the men work. Look it up... there's a book called "No More Mr. Nice Guy" by Robert A. Glover, if you're interessted in what I mean.
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  13. Rising Force

    Rising Force Fapstronaut

    I recently reviewed the book in my journal. It was a great read and I learned a lot.
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  14. Kman20

    Kman20 Fapstronaut

    Although, I agree that Nofap is about being stronger than we once were, I don’t think that this approach is correct. Just telling a guy to suck it up and to not show his feelings to the world is the reason why a lot of guys feel disoriented. This expectation to be a stoic when they’re actually emotional expressive beings is detrimental to their well being.
    Men cry and that’s fine goddamnit, fuck society for telling us otherwise.

    Actually showing your “weaknesses” or insecurities shows people that you are strong. It depends on how you do this though of course. One guy could say “AWW BOOHOO ME IM SO LONELY HELP ME PLEASEEE” and yeah that would be bad, even though that may be how he feels inside. On the other hand just saying “You know I get lonely sometimes and just wish I could express myself to someone” as if it were a casual thing to say like talking about the weather is very powerful.

    There is this quote from one of Mark Mansons books that goes something like “Those that are more open to rejection and their insecurities are the more confident ones”.
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  15. Kman20

    Kman20 Fapstronaut

    I agree with a lot of what you’re saying here. However the cliche “be happy and someone will find” approach is difficult and is not a sure fire way to get a partner. There’s guys who live happily but are still single in their 50s.

    @Ricckkiiee I suggest finding friends in GENERAL first. Notable guy friends to just vent to or a female friend who you will be platonic with. Don’t dump your baggage on someone yes. Build friendships and sprinkle it around everywhere. It’s off putting having just ONE person deal with your loneliness. People can smell whether a person has friends or not by interacting with them.

    So In conclusion I suggest finding people to talk. Online friends or people in person and talk about real shit with them. Once you find you have company things will get better.

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