Need advice after blowing off the girl I’m into.

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Hisself, Apr 14, 2019.

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    I think if she keeps on flirting with you it might be a sign that shes really into you. Maybe shes just waiting for you to make the move on her. Some woman are self centered like that, like they kind of pull you towards them and keep teasing you. If its just random meet ups and they continue maybe just go on with you're life man. If she wanted to be more of friends with you I guess she would of said something by now. Sorry I'm just wondering man. Is she not you're type? I know if a girl was flirting with me I would be trying to get to the next step.
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    Whoa someone is salty. I’m into about 8 girls at the moment but in love with none thankfully. I think the majority of people will understand this distinction.
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    So I'm an adult female. If you are still having issues with this, here's what I have to say.
    Just BE upfront. It seems that she really likes you, but she probably feels unsure that you are taking her seriously. Talk with her about how you feel where no one else can hear, and ask her how she feels about you. If she denies everything then just move on. If she doesn't, then be honest about what you'd want in this relationship if you're gonna take it any further. Tell her you're done with beating around the bush. You seem frustrated and I'm not totally sure why? This should be a fun part of getting to know her.
    Maybe your too wrapped up in the dating advice. Like why do you purposefully ignore her or show "not giving an f attitude"? Being a d!k isn't gonna get you anywhere. Don't listen to the dating lies told to you. If you attract her by being a d!k, you'll know she's an unstable person.
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    The truth is some girls just like being chased. There's nothing wrong with that. If you don't want to do it .. guess you can't have her! That is unless she is super into you and she comes to you instead. She may not like you as much if you don't chase her. (Depending on the girl.) I think the reason girls like to be chased is because they can weed out the guys who actually like her enough to put energy into her from the guys who don't care. Which seems to be you in this case. Also depending on the girl, she may treat you like crap because she has you around her finger, or maybe shes actually nice and now she can reward you for chasing her .
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    Girls are goddamn complicated.
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    Hi there...

    I only read your post and oh boy oh boy I will be rude..

    How old are you ? 5 ?

    She is a women, you are a man, that's it!
    Stop that waving games, ask her out and then try to have sex with her. That's it, she wants it, you want it.
    Women emotions are changing daily.

    And she is trowing that shit test because she likes you.
    Good luck.

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