My plan to approach 100 females

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by pornfree4ever, Sep 7, 2018.

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    I think you need to do some research. Look up a guy named Tom Torrero. He has a lot of good insight into the female mind. If you're sticking out, most likely its your behavior. Guys are attracted by looks, girls by behavior. Basically, girls need to feel like they won over a man of higher social status than themselves.

    And stay away from the escorts...
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    I'm interested in trying something like this too, like setting a goal of approaching one woman per day. It's going to force me to get out of the house a lot more, and be more aware of my surroundings. It will help me with overcoming social anxiety, as well as getting used to rejection. It will help me practice my "game".

    It's certainly not hard to find one woman per day to approach. They're everywhere! LOL But normally I stay in my bubble. I could just go for a walk down the busy street where I live, go to the lake front (I live in Milwaukee on Lake Michigan), walk in to a bar or coffee shop, or the grocery store even, etc. And I've been going out more on weekends with friends and Meetups. The biggest barrier is overcoming the perceptions that "this is not something I normally do", "this is not something that most people normally do", and "this is creepy". The proper response is "fuck it".

    I disagree with some of the posters on this thread who are advising to not take this high quantity approach, and who instead recommend only approaching girls with similar interests, or "high quality" women. Because I think an important benefit of taking the high quantity approach is that you are "de-pedestalizing" women in the process, which is a good thing. I think it is important to stop viewing individual women as "special". It is important to break the habit of "One-itis". At least that's how I see it for myself

    Quantity over quality (which increases the odds of finding quality)
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    So, SuperFurryThing, how it is going with your plan until now?
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    Haha I've abandoned it. It would be too much of a trigger for me to PMO, so I'm focusing on recovering from that right now. I'm just taking a passive approach now, putting myself out there, not really caring too much, but ironically seeing more regular signs of women coming to me instead. One day I'd like to be more active in this regard though
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    Read this before you start approaching girls
    how to be a 3% man by Corey Wayne.
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    How would becoming gay help?
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    Very simple. If you can't get a GF, get a BF... :D
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    Hey I’m a 26 YOV I understand your desire and ur need. But at the same time. A friendship need to be built first. U have to have things in common. U can’t just think two people that just meet will be perfect for each other. There is a possibility but the chances are 1:1000000 I don’t want u to be Lloyd Christmas. Things are true it may be hard to have ones who are ones who u asked. Still in your social group. I’ll tell u honestly yes it is hard. But at the same time those are now some of my best friends are those who I have asked out. True I may now be forever friend zoned but having a real friend that could maybe change their mind is better then not having the friends at all. Besides they even offer me advice too. So now I have ones in my corner. That understand the problem and are willing to help. I think u should have to try 50 women: before u reward yourself. But definitely try with those who u think u have a fair shot. With. But there is also no harm in shooting for the stars. Because u never know one of those stars could be yours. So ask above your league but remember that you still need to find someone who u have things in common with. So I can both enjoy things and have fun doing them. If u like out door things find someone who likes out door things if she likes video games and u do then that’s what u should look for. Just know. U can do it. But set a realalistic limit. I really think 25-50 tries should be the numbers not ten.
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    Lol, good one :)
  10. lovelyDay

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    Op, what happens, how it is going since you posted almost 70 days ago, and "goal" (100 days) will be in ~month? :)
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    i'm still curious about the male feminism thing that was mentioned that has supposedly infected the sub and site.

    I've argued very heavily against escorts in the past, but that element of the addiction is not what your after. Your approach is definitely worth a shot. However, I would restore your goal to 200 but with different goals.

    Every time you get rejected, it hits and it harms your ability to properly restore confidence for the next time.

    Out of the 200, each 2nd girl forget about trying for a date. Have your goal to just have a playful conversation for 5 minutes. No other intent. Get used to just chilling with girls and getting used to having a friendly and fun conversation without any end-game. You might reach your end-game but that should occur organically and your main goal should be just to have a conversation.
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  12. lovelyDay

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    That is not a bad idea / plan too ,JKnight...
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    This challenge will do nothing more than make you the reject of the campus.

    In time, everyone will come to know about you and you'll be laughed off by every girl there.

    Your whole approach towards getting females is wrong. It's not about a number, it's about quality. Make sure you have something to offer as well.

    Honestly, it seems to me like you're just really desperate for girls and have no clue whatsoever on how to attract someone.

    The escort "reward" is just adding to the fire.

    You're setting things in motion for the perfect storm. Just think about that for a minute.
  14. bUIPOT

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    To my mind sex with escort may on the contrary allow you to reload your thoughts and improve your mood for further attempts
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    I am impressed that this thread is still alive lol. I have not been to this website in months..

    1 per day would kill me bro :). My plan was like 2 per week, and even that was extremely hard. The worst part is not the rejection, but the anxiety and awkwardness I feel before approaching. I have not really approached much after the few encounters I posted earlier. I talked to two more chicks and they said they had boyfriends. To be honest, I kind of lost motivation after that and got a bit busy with school and exams. However, I am still on for this plan and should be on my new year's resolution.
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  16. pornfree4ever

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    Thank you, you have articulated a better plan. I was thinking of having another 100 of casual conversations without pickup. My only concern is that I would be known to a lot of people on campus if it got to 200. But maybe that's not a big deal.
  17. pornfree4ever

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    Why do you think saying hi to someone, creating a brief conversation, and asking them on a date is a matter of laugh?

    I do not expect this approach to work. Having a romantic partner is not a priority in my life. If it was, I would have taken 1-2 years off to become one of these pua gurus. But I have other things to focus on. I only wanted to do this challenge on the side because I do not want to regret not taking any action in my youth.

    I honestly do not have much to offer to the opposite sex besides my dick. It is now working, thanks to 4 months of nofap.

    You are right (no kidding), I truly have no clue how to attract the opposite sex. I think most people find others through trial and error. Few claim they know the exact 'science' behind attraction.

    If we asked what makes a man attracted to a woman, the answer is simple: physical appearance. If she is hot, we are on. But what makes a woman attracted to a man and wanna sleep with him? Everyone seems to have found an answer, and write a pickup book to sell and make business. You think if seducing random women was that easy, you would see this stupid amount of books/seminars/videos on this topic?
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    If your trying to get over your social retardation with women I'd say go for it, but instead of doing 2 approaches a week, do 2 a day.

    If you actually want to get a gf instead of a warm hole, you have to narrow the pool of potential matches. The odds of you being compatable with some random campus thot is pretty slim, but the odds increase if you're both in the same classes and increase more if you're in the same classes and clubs.
  19. lovelyDay

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    Clarke, why you call this "social retardation with women"?
    He decided to try, and that is ok, someone wants a date, someone wants marriage someone wants a warm hole, someone like to try to approach many women and see what happens... It is all matter of teste.

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