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Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by MonkeyDo, Feb 17, 2019.

  1. MonkeyDo

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    A few days ago I turned 25. The past few years have been very transformative for me. I feel like I've grown a lot as a person. One example is that I've cut out porn from my life. But I still have this habit of masturbating about twice a month.

    So, I think it's a good time for me to make a one year pledge. For this next year, I will not masturbate. I am going to save this post and revisit it to check in roughly every week or so with a brief update of how things are going. I believe I have what it takes to succeed, but if I fail, I will also post my failure.

    Wish me luck guys.
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  2. oretna

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    I wish you luck! Are you sure you don't need an AP or an AP group or some other kind of support?
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  3. MonkeyDo

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    Thanks friend!

    I'm not sure what I need to complete my pledge, but I know that I believe that I can do it, and that part is very important.

    But I also know that people are stronger when they support each other, so I appreciate your support, and I hope I can provide support to other people who are walking on a similar path.

    On an unrelated note, I'm also doing intermittent fasting. Right now my eating window is from 2pm to 10pm, but I almost broke my fast at 12 noon today when my sister offered me a lemon square dessert. I didn't even think. I just took it in my hand and put it to my lips when I suddenly realized I couldn't eat for another two hours!

    That was a close one, lol. I'll have to be more vigilant going forward. :emoji_joy:
  4. MonkeyDo

    MonkeyDo Fapstronaut

    Day 16


    The last time I tried a long streak I ended up going for about 120 days, but I don't remember feeling this horny.

    In a way I'm happy that my body is working the way it's supposed to, but damn! I might have to find myself a girlfriend if I'm going to make it through the year without jerking off.

    But on the other hand, along with the horniness also comes a stronger drive than usual to get out and socialize with people, which I like quite a bit.

    I think I can handle this level of horniness. But God help me if it keeps getting stronger!

  5. salvacion_a_888

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    Yeah dude, the horniness gets intense. I remember that from my previous streaks. But if you're like me, it'll level off after a few weeks, and it won't bother you so much. Anyway, good luck! Keep us posted.
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  6. MonkeyDo

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    Day 20

    I've noticed that I'm becoming preoccupied with trying to find a girlfriend. I've started talking to women in public more, and I'm using online dating apps to check for women who I like and sending messages.

    I'm not sure if it's the right thing for me or not.

    Sometimes I feel as if I need a woman, in a similar way to how I used to need to masturbate, but with the added benefit of also having an emotional connection. And other times I feel as if I don't need a woman but I would be happy to be with one. And other times I feel as if I would prefer to be on my own.

    It's interesting how when you stop masturbating, these new feelings towards women start popping up. Your brain realizes that it needs to find new outlets for its energy.

    Anyway, whatever happens, I know and feel that masturbation is not right for me. So onwards I go with my NoFap commitment.
  7. endmystery

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    Hey @MonkeyDo glad to know you're making progress ! keep up the good work.
    Be extremely careful with dating apps. I'm back in using them after years (even before I started NoFap) and boy do I feel the effects on urges, brain fog etc. Since started Nofap, I knew dating apps could have a similar effect than porn on me : dopamine peaks being one of them. I still keep things in control thanks to my nofap experience but i know i'm playing with fire and it's tough. My humble advice to you would be to stay away from these for a little while, wait maybe a month or best, 3-months into NoFap. Dating apps are perhaps the most powerful triggers and potential source for relapse so you have to be extremely careful. I want to warn you because even after almost 5 month of NoFap the effect is strong and you need to tap deep into willpower to stay on track thus my advice to wait until noFap has become a new way of life which doesn't require willpower (or a very small amount of it) from you anymore. Using dating apps "responsibly" will demand huge amounts of willpower and you need it to focus on your NoFap commitment firsthand. At least, this is how I see things. Wishing you the best, take care and be safe
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  8. MonkeyDo

    MonkeyDo Fapstronaut

    Thank you for the word of warning, friend.

    I have not felt even one single urge from using dating apps so far. They are just not a trigger for me. Actually I find them fairly boring compared to talking to girls in real life. But I will stay vigilant, and if they start to become a trigger for me, I will remember your wise warning and I will take a break for a while.

    Hopefully I can stop using them soon, as my goal is not to use the dating apps, but to find a girlfriend so I can stop using the dating apps. To be honest, I'd rather be doing other things with my time than scrolling through lists of girls online. But for some reason my drive to get a girlfriend is fairly strong right now, so I find myself doing it sometimes.

    Maybe this is all just a phase and it will flow through me like a windstorm through a city, and one day things will calm down and my body will feel differently to how it does now. Either way, I am rolling with the punches and not thinking too much. My life tends to be a lot better when I flow with things instead of trying to resist them.

    It is the same with urges to masturbate. Instead of sitting there and trying hard to resist them, I take them as a sign that there's something I must do with my energy, and I get up and do something. Then eventually I forget about masturbating.

    It's a beautiful day today. I woke up this morning and I'm grateful to be alive. The sun is shining (sort of lol), and today I'm going to see my mom, my dad, and my uncle as well as meet some new people. At 2pm I'm going to break my daily fast and enjoy some delicious food. Life is good.

  9. MonkeyDo

    MonkeyDo Fapstronaut

    Day 25

    Had another great day today.

    I'm on a week long break from school so things have been pretty relaxed lately. I saw my mom (I've been helping her lately because she injured her knee), I went to the doctors to discuss a minor health problem, had some funny conversations with some old ladies at the grocery store (lol), ate some good food, played some piano, practiced my French and had a gloriously refreshing nap.

    A day well spent! Looking forward to tomorrow. Grateful to NoFap for this extra zest for life. :emoji_bow::emoji_pray::emoji_smile:
  10. MonkeyDo

    MonkeyDo Fapstronaut

    Day 27

    Just got back from a date and it didn't work out. There was no chemistry. As soon as I saw her I knew there wouldn't be any but we went and saw some butterflies anyway and I had some fun. But she seemed really nervous and awkward and I couldn't get her to open up, so I started talking to the other people who were there and had more fun talking to them than I did to her. LOL.

    Oh, and ever since I started NoFap I've really started to like talking to kids! Kids are so fun because they have this innocent energy and if you open up to them they'll talk to you about anything. It's great. Sometimes kids are more fun to talk to than some adults who are so serious all the time lol.

    Online dating kind of sucks because you never really know if you're going to click with someone or not until you meet them. I'm going to focus more on going out and meeting girls first before I ask them out so I at least know they're going to be interesting to talk to.

    Lesson learned, and I look forward to some less awkward dates in the future.
  11. MonkeyDo

    MonkeyDo Fapstronaut

    Day 30

    Not much to say today. I've started going to the gym at my college a few days a week and I've started doing some bouldering/rock climbing once in a while. I'm not the strongest guy around right now, but it's fun to work out and it's actually a little addicting to challenge yourself to improve each time.

    I appreciate how NoFap gives me that little extra boost of motivation needed to actually go out to the gym or to go out to a social meet-up. Some of the time it feels like I don't need to use any willpower at all do to the cool things I want to do, and that's awesome.

    Keep on walking your path brothers.
  12. MonkeyDo

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    Day 35

    Ok gentlemen. NoFap is going really well. But it has made me become aware of another problem in my life that I need to change. I use the internet too much.

    I use Youtube too much. I use Netflix too much. I use these NoFap forums too much. All of these things are activities that take up my time and don't bring me much lasting satisfaction. Instead I'd like to spend my time doing things like socializing, getting outdoors, exercising, meditating, cooking, cleaning, resting (true resting where I'm actually doing nothing at all), and doing creative hobbies and work.

    So, similar to my intermittent fasting, I've decided to limit the times that I use the internet. Because I am terrified of doing this, I'm going to start small. I'm going to not use the internet between 10PM and 8AM (unless it's for an emergency or for a school assignment). Some nights I've been using the internet as late as 2AM, so this will be a change for me.

    Another thing I'm naturally wanting to do is limit my consumption of meat and increase my consumption of plants. It feels like the right thing for me because I've been craving more vegetables and have been craving less meat. So, I'm making a commitment to only eat a portion of meat that is equal to the size of my fist each day. I can eat less meat than that (and I probably will), but not more.

    Finally, one habit I have is to sometimes eat a whole bag of organic potato chips in one sitting. Afterwards I usually feel kind of lethargic and brain fogged. So, I'm making the commitment to not buy potato chips anymore, and instead to spend that money on whole vegetables and things like quinoa and rice that I can cook and eat.

    This may seem like a lot of changes to make at once, but it's only the internet addiction that I believe will be hard to stop for me. The food choices are ones that I feel confident that I can handle.
  13. MonkeyDo

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    Two videos I want to share relating to my last post:

  14. MonkeyDo

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    Day 37

    Ok boys, it appears I'm in a bit of a flatline.

    I noticed it when I was out rock climbing tonight. I saw multiple girls who I knew were attractive enough objectively for me to be attracted to them, but I just felt nothing. When they walked past me in their tight clothing, I felt nothing. No desire at all to speak to them. I only looked at them when I was watching them do a climb, just as I'd look at any person, male or female, when they're doing a climb.

    Feeling pretty asexual right now. But that's OK. I'm at peace with myself and I'm not in a rush. I know the feelings will come when they come. In the meantime I am enjoying other things in life.
  15. PeterBE

    PeterBE Fapstronaut

    Keep going ! Btw do you live close to France?
  16. MonkeyDo

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    Day 41

    It's St. Patrick's Day. Soon I'm going out to a bar to play in a poker tournament. Feeling content, positive, and peaceful this morning. Grateful for the sun shining in through my bedroom window. I swept the dirt away from my floor, so I'm grateful for having a clean floor. Amazing how the little things in life can be so rewarding when you're not giving in to unhealthy addictions.

    Nope, I live in Canada where the two official languages are English and French.
  17. PeterBE

    PeterBE Fapstronaut

    Nope, I live in Canada where the two official languages are English and French.[/QUOTE]

    Ah, i see :)

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