My Journey on Fitness & Self-Improvement (and What You Can Learn From It)

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by nickreb90, May 3, 2019.

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    Hello everyone,

    I want to give some value to this forum early on by sharing my journey and experiences in the fitness and self-improvement world. As much as I think that nofap is great, I think there is a need to use all this newly-found energy you have to transform your physique. This will do wonders to your self-esteem, and increase the attention you receive from the other sex.

    4 weeks ago I started a workout routine based on calisthenics and saw great results in a short time. I managed to perform 10 pullups in a row and even a handstand pushup. All in 4 weeks. I wasn't terribly out of shape but I wasn't fit either. I also changed my diet by removing most carbs, junk food, and alcohol.

    I wouldn't be able to do all of the above if I haven't food this excellent website - Practice and Repetition. It is short of underground I guess, but the author Harry P provides a lot of information on fitness and self-improvement for free.

    The program and diet I used are below:

    What You Can Learn:
    1. nofap will leave you with a lot of energy that you should use to transform your body
    2. there is a lot of self-improvement info available for free and is enough at the beginning
    3. you can make changes in 4 weeks
    4. calisthenics and paleoish diets are great for beginners
    5. if you relapse as I have, start over but stick to your fitness habits

    I hope that I helped somebody,
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    I would like to add two off my favorite recipes, too.

    Fast and Easy Breakfast Recipe:
    1) heat 1 tbsp olive oil on a frying pan
    2) fry 2-3 strips bacon (chopped in pieces)
    3) add 3 whisked eggs on the pan
    4) cook the scramble for 1-2 minutes
    5) serve and season with pepper, salt and BBQ sauce
    6) enjoy!

    and a last minute healthy choice:

    Fast Breakfast (no cooking required)
    -1 can of tuna in olive oil
    -bbq sauce for flavor
    -1 banana for dessert

    These two recipes have served me well on my journey to a muscular physique.

    Do you have any favorite recipes?

    Do you like to cook at all?
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    Adding some more fat loss tips:
    1. workout fasted
    2. wait one hour after workout to eat
    3. avoid alcohol
    4. limit cheat meals or avoid altogether
    5. HIIT cardio
    6. jump rope
    7. take up physical hobbies to enjoy your newly found levels of fitness
    8. watch a martial arts movie (they always seem to motivate me)
    9. water with lemon juice
    10. fast for 24 hours one a month
    11. have patience!

    What do you think guys??

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    Yeah bro! This is awesome. I'm slim fit and trying to bulk up in size and strength. I'll be following you bud! Thanks for the tips.
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  5. nickreb90

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    Good to hear this friend.

    I will try to post useful information on this post regularly!
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    11 is the hardest! That’s why quitting porn is hard? I want results NOW. :p
  7. nickreb90

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    I guess so.
  8. nickreb90

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    Hey guys, a random thought on fat loss.

    Have you noticed that your face begins to look a lot more beautiful and attractive once you get leaner?

    I got this compliment from a girl yesterday and I thought it was weird. Don't get me wrong it felt nice also.;)

    Any of you have experienced that?
  9. Moonborn

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    I just started doing calisthenics a day ago and realized just how weak I am. I could only do 2 pull ups.
    Food is my biggest enemy though. I usually start and end a diet on the same day at least 3 times a week.

    I will most certainly be taking a look at the material you provided.
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  10. Mike28

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    Makes sense. My face immediately changes whenever i am in a cutting phase ;-)
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  11. nickreb90

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    Hey, guys thank you all for your interest and support you are showing. I started this thread as a journal like post, but it now serves as a source of motivation to keep on my path to a fit body and to inspire as many of you as possible to do the same.

    NOTE: Harry P from Practice and Repetition, was kind enough to answer some personal questions I had and according to his advice I should be able to change my routine in a few more weeks. I will make sure to keep you informed!
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    I like the sound of the Spartan Workout. I will definitely take something from that. Thanks.
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    Main points are:

    Have a correct diet
    Sleep the right number of hour (your body grows when you rest not when you train)
    Lift heavy (always)
    Set up goals (know your limits and surpass them)
    if it's not helping you improve then cut it out (this works in any aspect of your life realy)
    But most importantly of them all ALWAYS be consistent, consistency and self discipline are everything

    Best wishes,
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    Guys another fast recipe great for breakfast or light dinner:

    • 300grams of full-fat Greek yogurt
    • 1 teaspoon of honey
    • 1 apple cut in cubes
    • 30 grams almonds
    a great variation is to add
    peanut butter in place of almonds or stevia in place of honey

    Find what works best for you!
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