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Discussion in 'Women in Reboot' started by Renée_, Nov 27, 2018.

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    Hey, I'm starting this new journal because I deleted the old. Anyway... I'm day 3 now.
    I'm going to try something I read here in some forum, little goals. I always have thought something more close to "I'm not going to masturbate again", although that's the big goal, it looks so far that at some point I think something like "if I will probably end up doing it at some point why not now?". So... my first it's 1 week
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  2. Renée_

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    Day 6
    Until yesterday night and today I didn't felt too many urges, now I'm not feeling so good (emocionally), I have always fix that feelings with M, but now I'll try some exercise
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    Congratulations to 6 days! Exercising is definitely a good way to get that sexual energy out. Keep on working on your goals, girl. Welcome to nofap.
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    My Journal
    Felicidades por los 6 días!
    Mantente enfocada en tu meta, apégate a tu plan y todo irá muy bien. Los impulsos no se irán, pero al menos no pensarás demasiado en ellos si te mantienes ocupada en otras actividades.

    Te deseo mucho éxito ;)

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