My Journal! (Just another guy who is trying hard but not hard enough!)

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  1. Hi Journal!

    Today is special. I have made yet another account, to give it yet another try. Funny stuff, I have going on here. You know the drill.

    • Working out
    • No PMO
    • No fantasizing
    • No edging
    • 60 day streak and beyond
    • Securing employment
    My plans:
    1. Make a daily journal post
    2. Include some workout details, and anything else worth noting
    3. Spending less time online
    4. Reading as much as possible
    5. Anything self-development related is gonna be where I am planning to invest my daily time and energy
    6. No more excuses
    Closing thoughts:
    Giving up sucks. Plain and simple. It never gets easy. So, I will stop trying to take the easy way out. Either I do it, or die trying.
  2. Hi Journal!

    Day 1:
    Had some blue balls. Everything is going okay, and I am feeling better. I am doing lots of bodyweight squats, as I realized that my legs are a weak point, and a man is as old as his legs. Time to develop more power. Also, it will keep me busy during free time. And therefore help me avoid the pitfall of PMO when bored.
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