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Discussion in 'Women in Reboot' started by Perelyw, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. Perelyw

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    Hello, tbh I just found this website and I needed to share about what I go through.

    My addiction really started around 4 years ago (I think). And I was on a off the journey to freedom. Part of the problem was the fact that I hid it from everyone... literally no one knew. Until I felt like it wasn’t getting any better handling it alone I read every single article about this addiction and all of them say “talk about it” so I did.

    Wasn’t easy but I did and it helped a lot. Fast forward to now. I’m feeling weak because I relapsed and I’m not proud of it. True I’ve relapsed many times before but this time was different. It was after my family knew about my problem. I know why I do it but the problem is I don’t know what to do when it’s 1 am and I’m having urges. Cause obviously I can’t get up and start exercising. So if anyone can give me suggestions that’ll be great. I relapsed probably four times in the past 3 months of trying to get clean. I just wanted to share my thoughts with others who know what I’m going through because it’s not the best thing to talk about with your family.

    So far I’m been clean for five hours lol. But I hope to keep going strong. This is just another part of my journey.
  2. SomeRandomNatty

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    Welcome, glad you joined us!
    You definitively found the right place. For your urges at 1 am:
    Best thing to do is probably to come here and ask for help. Make threads, ask questions, get an accountability partner and talk to her, get to know people, make friends. And if nobody wants to help you right now, go help others. Motivate them, give them suggestions and wisdom and compassion. Or, if you disagree with someone, have a discussion.

    Other than that, do more exercise so you'll be tired at 1 am and sleep. Also you could distract yourself with meditation/prayers, get some fresh air, read a non erotic book. And stay off technology and social media if it's not NoFap. And keep your hands off certain places, not even for quick touches.
  3. UltraFree

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    Welcome ! A trick that might work is just come in here and start writing something quick. You will instantly find someone that can talk to you and help you go through it. It will help change the direction of your thoughts. Night time is the hardest but not impossible!

    Good luck with your recovery.
  4. ryyyouxx_

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    welcome, you can totally do this, we're here for you !!
  5. GhostWriter

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    I am so glad you found a place to talk about this stuff.
    Yes it helps to talk about it. Just make sure you vet those you talk to about it. They WILL gossip.
    I'm sure it wasn't. You relapsed many times? LOL, say it isn't so! All of us have, so you're in good company.
    First off, why do you do it? If you know why, share it with us, and we'll help you navigate around it. That needs to be moved to the "inner circle (red circle)" from the "middle circle (yellow or orange circle)". If you don't know what that is, Wikipedia has a great explanation of it.

    About the middle of the night? I'll get to that in a moment.

    Again, I'll get to that in a moment.
    That's a good thing to do. As for talking to your family or even friends. May I remind you, unless they bring value to your situation, I'd guard this on a "need to know basis only". People will say "I won't judge you all while standing right before you and passing judgment".
    This! I know you make light of it. It's like riding a horse. You fall off. You dust off. You climb back onto the saddle. Eventually, you won't fall off the horse.
    This response right here? All I can say is PERFECT!
    He is right you know! This isn't a forum just for the US. People all over the world are here, so you may catch someone in Australia for example. Come here any time. The sign says "OPEN 24 Hours"

    Best of luck to you young lady. If you need help, all you need to do is ask, and it will be given you.
  6. SomeRandomNatty

    SomeRandomNatty Fapstronaut

    Happy to hear that from a literaric genious like you :)
  7. GhostWriter

    GhostWriter Fapstronaut

    LOL, Don't know about the "literaric genious(sic)" part. But thank you so very much for the kind compliment.
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  8. Solomon435

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    Hello! Welcome to the forums!

    Usually when I'm feeling urges late at night I try to take some sleeping medications like melatonin, and then do something for the time it takes to kick in. While you wait, you could exercise, take a cold shower, maybe find something to do with your hands like a Rubix cube or a puzzle. I would recommend reading but it doesn't seem to work for me. Give it a try if you want!

    We'll be happy to help you out here. Feel free to send us a PM if you need some more help.

    Good luck!

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