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    hello, I ever think about stop masturbation. I,m 40 years, married, don't feel culp for do it one, two, thre, for or five times. But I really like try to stop, just to know how is the life with out masterbation, because I never try it before. I read something about nofap and decide try, so lets go. Today is monday, now is 19h05, no masturbate till now. Normally I does 2 times till now and more one or 2 times till sleep if I dont have sex with my wife.
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    Welcome to NoFap. I hope you enjoy your time here.
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    Hello and welcome!

    A lot of us here were in a similar situation as yourself. Go ahead and give no pmo a shot. Don’t ever give up if you relapse though...those happen. It’s a slow process. I wish you all the best on your journey! :)
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    [QUOTE = "Tiger uppercut !, post: 2002498, membro: 198390"] Olá e seja bem-vindo!

    Muitos de nós aqui estavam em uma situação semelhante a você. Vá em frente e não dê nenhum pmo. Nunca desista se você recair ... aqueles que acontecem. É um processo lento. Desejo-lhe tudo de melhor em sua jornada! :)[/CITAR]

    T friend, now is my time to grow, is not easy for me, I know it before de second day wthout PMO.
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