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Discussion in 'Women in Reboot' started by Abuse Survivor 363, Feb 7, 2019.

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    My first log entry. I'm new to this forum but not the battle to break free. My story is long but instead of a long background I'm going jump in with right where I am.
    I'm lonely and experieexperi high stress. I've been dealing single for 20 yrs, and I do not believe in sex outside of marriage.
    I was taught to masturbate and use porn at very young age. Now I find myself addicted and with many sexual miss conceptions. I want to go with out PMO as I've done it before and felt way more peace in life.
    Any advice on how to get back on track. Presently I want to PMO because it feels really good in the moment and I can escape life. However I'm finding guilt afterward returning in a huge way. Also am wanting it daily which leads to more differently achevinga O with harder and harder P. Help.
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  2. Sorry to see no one has reached out to you in all this time.

    I had gone almost 5 months PMO free then had a relapse. Trying to get back on track. I’m doing at least one of my hobbies daily, working on house projects I’ve been neglecting, and continuing to go to the gym.

    I’ve continued to go to SAA for over a year now, reading good material regularly, and I work a lot at my job.

    I need to find ways to start socializing so I’ve been looking at I might start going to church again. I believe in God but not so interested in church anymore.

    Anyhow, those are some of the things I’ve been doing. Maybe they might be helpful for you too.

    Hope you’re doing okay in the snow storms in the PNW.

    I apologize if you don’t care for men responding to your posts. I felt bad that no one had responded to you in almost a week. I won’t respond again.
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  3. Abuse Survivor 363

    Abuse Survivor 363 New Fapstronaut

    Thank you for the response. I appreciate the feedback. I needed reminder of all those things I've used before. Thanks
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    Stay focused on your goals at first you should focus on small and attainable goals from their you can move on to bigger ones. Stay positive and optimistic. Sadness only triggers more relapses. Stay motivated, you can overcome this addiction :)
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    Who taught you this?
    1. Journal. Start now, and keep going. Nothing complicated. Just journal. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) is the method to embrace. You don't want journaling to become a chore.
    2. Meditate. Take time out to think about NOTHING! I mean NOTHING!
    3. Structure. Make sure you structure your time. Every hour from the time you wake up til the time you go back to bed. Leave no waking moment for you to think about that which causes you to PMO.
    4. Each time you fail, embrace the failure, and learn from it. Nobody who ever achieved anything did so without many failures leading up to their success. Don't be afraid of failure. Every one of them is a learning opportunity.
    5. Share. Your embarrassment, guilt, and shame will consume you until/unless you release it so that it no longer has any power over you.
    That's enough for now. But the fact you showed up here with a willingness to overcome is huge. Go ahead and congratulate yourself for taking that first step, for it is the most important one.

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