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    Music is something we all love, me including. There are many benefits of listening to the music in the "right" moments. But let us think about the negative sides of music for a moment. I mean of EXCESS listening to the music - which is the case of many people today. For example when im home like 70-80% of time i listen to something i let the music play in the background. Is it bad?

    Masturbation and Music addiction are alike in one thing - skewed perception of reality.
    You masturbate - your brain believes you have done many things and you found a woman - your primal purpose of DNA was satisfied. Well when you listen to music, it alters your emotions strongly. You may listen to something which will actually give you a feeling of false achievement. This in result makes your life more meaningful because you experience that rush in your brain, and you are a bit happier at that moment with your life.
    This chain of events is certainly addictive as video games for example are - false emotion of achievement. Iam honestly addicted to music. And i like to listen to great music while imagining myself at the top of the mountain (success). But then the music stops and you are supposed to go into the world and do something real. In the real world everything is way densier and its really the struggle to mold the actual reality according to your needs its much easier to go back and listen to some music and experience that effortless high.

    You see - the mechanism is the same just like in case of masturbation. Our ancestors had to accomplish something to get that same high we get from listening to the music or bust the nut off this incredibly sexy girl on pornhub. We have done nothing and got it all. This learns us to do nothing and as result weakens us. The mechanism is same as if you are masturbating, but unlike masturbating you dont lose any vital liquids while listening to the music and the "highs" are a bit lower in case of music. Nonetheless it is quite a major issue in these days.

    We are incredibly infected by the virtual reality - we are the VERY FIRST generation to live in virtual world as much as we do in real world. Sometimes even more in the virtual. No generation before us faced the problems we do - its totally new phenomena. Unfortunately it has degradeting effects on us.

    Do you want to know what it feels to live in the real SOLID world you've been born to? Go and sit in your room for few hours without any stimuli - no music, no porn, no videos, no social sites, no games. You will see how it feels - unnatural => its the sign we are virtual generation, internet is more real for us than the actual world.

    Thereby be aware of this guys.

    21 years, 28th day Nofap (fail after fail i try again and again x) )
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    Don't dismiss the power of music, yes it may be a way of having release in life but surely it can be more meaningful than spurting your seed everywhere?
    You can write music, dj music, perform it and you'll be performing a service, learning a skill or something along those lines.
    It may take you out of the real world but to say it's a false achievement is dismissing the powerful healing properties music has, it can spur you on to complete the last set of workout.
    Yes you can abuse it, but you can abuse shit like books too, there's value in what you determine your life to be valuable
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  3. I agree with this so much. What can we do to change though? I noticed this myself whenever I try to do NoFap or even Internet free one thing I can't give up is music. I go to sleep listening to music and since I work from home I spend most of my time with music on in the background. I know for me personally it is definitely a way to escape. When its silent in my home I begin to lose it and have to play some kind of background music.
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    Dopamine is released when listening to music and it's similar to PMO, as they reward your brain the same way and this reason when person can't listen to music he can get grumpy as it's already addiction and distracts you from productive thoughts that could progress further in the life.

    People might defend their activities and find always excuse to be good and in the end it's false and it just affects our mental health, as in the past music wasn't a thing that you listened every night and it was only in rituals that wouldn't happen so often, as rain dance and other.
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  5. NightReaper775

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    Wow. No kidding. I have been relapsing hard on video games and PMO, and I've been listening to music almost constantly when on my pc, to the point where I think I couldn't concentrate for a minute without music. While writing this I get the urge to put some energetic music to get me going, for example. It only worsens my attention deficit and my lack of energy.

    Back in the early months of the year (can't remember exactly when) I conducted a nice experiment on myself. Not only did I stop PMOing but I also stopped binging on the Internet (no Reddit, no YouTube, no social media at all), gaming, listening to music or losing time in any way. I began to feel nervous, but it faded and I started to write a novel. I never finished it and I only got to like 10 pages, after relapsing hard 2 days after that. The point is that I had a lot of energy and will to do something and not just consume to feel good. Nowadays I can't write 10 pages of anything in 3 days, and I constantly lag behind my schedule.

    Thanks for the post. I think I will do this experiment again, combined with NoFap.
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  6. meatsandwich

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    I can say I have the same problem, as instead of doing things I listen to music even when walking outside and at my specialization place, so I don't hear other people.

    So music is like antidepressant which we abuse. I think also without constant music mind also becomes more clear.
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  7. kaytirs

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    For me it was definitely an addiction - if someone told me that at the time, I'd think they're crazy. But it really was, and spotify was such an easy way to abuse it. Man for a couple years I would just put it on shuffle and skip 100 songs until I found the exact right one for my mood. And these skipped songs used to be ones I loved. They became annoying because I grew bored of them thanks to this cycle.

    Eventually it became frustrating listening to music! Nowadays I only listen to one song maybe once a week. I only put something on if I have it stuck in my head and think "hey I haven't heard that in ages! I'm gonna put it on" Sort of like a treat once in a while. Cause honestly, we want to enjoy life too. Music is a way of connecting, so it's not all useless. But I be careful not to spiral into binging on it!
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  8. Nomar

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    Life is all about balance and moderation. Music is a good thing but can certainly be abused. Pmo is not a good thing ever.
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  9. YoungBaller23

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    I believe music can be very helpful in coping, in creating motivation, confidence or enchance our creative minds to think more. Listening to music can give us a sense of relief or for us to relate in the song in a meaningful way. Music is one of many alternative ways that is much better to relieve stress than to pmo. As I’m not saying what u said is wrong but this is how I view but u also had some great insights aswell :) anything can be addictive in a way but can it help u or just make u even worse in your life? great insights By the way. I like to here what u think
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  10. Kman20

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    Internet, TV, and video games I understand. But music is not something I would cut out of my life. I’d only limit it. Music does great things for us, it helps is feel incredible emotions. There are artists that have helped people struggling in life through their songs and lyrics.

    Listeners feel cartharsis just by listening to certain songs. I don’t think music is an alteration of reality. I think music(good music) is an expression of human emotions put into sound.

    Although I wouldn’t listen to it all day. I don’t think we should ever stop listening to it. Music is great. I’d say it’s actually good for us.
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  11. 19conquer

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    I like what you said about how we are seemingly more used to living in the internet world than in the physical world. I think we take our outside world for granted. And it does our physical body harm as well if left for too long.
  12. cranks175

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    thanks for the post, and thanks to see how many people are sharing the same experiences. so can I, music is defenitely an addiciton for me, since I discovered Spotify it all went faster and it was like my hobby to create playlists and find the perfect song for the perfect moment.
  13. u376

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    I first thought this post to be stupid.....I am sorry for that
    But as I quickly read some of the comments .....I found that it also releases dopamine........and yes I also listen to music on daily basis.......
    I think we don't know it's also like an addiction
    Now I understand why Islam prohibits music
    But still I can't avoid music...... because I am not Muslim .....and also as someone above helps you to develop creatively ......
    So no to pmo
    Yes to music
  14. Mordobarn

    Mordobarn Fapstronaut

    I tend to listen to music to complement my mood, not to change it. Maybe that's why I like such a wide range of music.

    I listen to music probably about half of the day some days, and much less on others.

    It's no exaggeration to say that music has helped me to keep my sanity during exacting times.
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  15. Bluedition

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    This is a subject, that has always fascinated me.

    I think, from an evolutionary point of view, the purpose of music has been to bond people together into groups/tribes. Listening to and participating in making music back in the Stone Age meant, that you were belonging to a tribe, which greatly increased your chances of survival. I think that is why our brain is surging with dopamine, when we listen to music. Our brain is essentially telling us: "You are belonging to a group, this is fucking great for your survival. Get as much music as possible, you will bond even more with the group, if you do".

    In today's society, music rarely has this meaning. We are often alone when we listen to music, yet the brain thinks we are doing an extremely social activity, vital to our survival. This is just like porn making you think, that you are an extremely successful at procreating, when you are really just alone in your room jerking off. In other words, it's a pleasure trap. In a natural environment, humans would not have access to non stop music 24/7 by the push of a button, just like we wouldn't have sexual access to thousands upon thousands of extremely hot chicks.

    It's the same reason why video games can be so addicting. You can spend hours hoarding digital resources. Your brain will reward you and pump out dopamine telling you to keep going and get even more digital resources. But in real life, you can't use these digital resources for anything.

    These pleasue traps numb us to actual beneficial activities. If we often use porn, the brain doesn't notice or care about the cute girl sitting across from you in the bus. If we play video games all the time, the brain is so numbed, that we are not enganged when we're at work. And, I think, if we listen to music all the time, the brain is less likely to care about real social relations - the social relations are too weak, your brain prefers the music.

    Only a perfect man can completely remove all these pleasure traps from his life. I have certainly failed multiple times with both porn, video games, music (today I basically listened to music the entire day while at work), social media, random internet surfing, etc., and I have by no means eliminated all these things from my life, I simply don't have the discipline for that. But I think it is important to be aware of the impact these activities have on our brains and try to cut down on them as much as possible.

    But what should we do with all our time then? Well, do things, that don't hack your brain! Be social, exercise, read and write, go for a walk, get some actual work done, go on a date, eat some healthy whole food, etc.

    Hope this was in any way helpful.
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  16. Mordobarn

    Mordobarn Fapstronaut

    You raise interesting points, @Bluedition

    I'm not so sure that what you say about music is entirely accurate. When brain scans are done on people while they listen to music, yes, it does seem like masturbation for the mind (that's not my wording). The whole brain lights up.


    Listening to music, particularly at an early age, appears to enhance brain connections and ability. In other words, it does the opposite of normal addictions, which reduce brain power.

    When I do any work, mental or physical, that doesn't engage all of my thinking, I am more productive per unit of time, and can work longer, if I listen to music while I work.

    That is the opposite of any addiction, even coffee (I know from personal experience about coffee).
  17. Bluedition

    Bluedition Fapstronaut

    You bring up some interesting points.

    It is true, that there has been many studies observing people while listening to music. Different kinds of music have been shown to have negative and positive impacts. But all the studies, I have ever heard of, are short term. Maybe the scientists play music to people and then ask them to perform a certain task and see the impact, the music has on their performance.

    But I have yet to come across a long term study of music. Sure, some forms of music might boost performance short term, but so can coffee (or a more extreme example, amphetamine). But what happens to people, who give up music for, say, 6 months? We don't really know. There aren't really that many people who don't listen to music at all. Only deaf people and certain groups of very devout muslims don't listen to music. Pretty much everyone else in society listens to music, so we might think that negative consequences of music are just normal and part of life. Just like we would think lung cancer is normal, if everyone were smokers.

    I have heard of promising long term studies involving people playing music, but not long term studies involving people just consuming music. I think you could see similar positive results, if they learned any other skill, like playing chess.

    Both online and offline, I have talked to quite a few people about this topic. What kind of scares me is how emotional a lot of people get, even angry, at the mere suggestion, that music can be bad for you. Some people have acted almost like heroin addicts being told, that they have to go cold turkey. Some people even say, that if they lost their hearing, they would kill themselves, because music is life. One of my parents is deaf, and I can assure, that you can have a great and happy life without music. But these strong reactions have only confirmed my hypothesis, that there is something addicting and potentially harmful about music. My own experience of trying to give up music of course also confirmed my belief, that music is addicting. If I crave music so much that I can't stop myself from listening to it, then there's probably a problem

    Then there are those who say: "Well, everything in moderation". But when is music consumption moderate? Certainly, listening to music every single day is not moderate. I think, that once a week or month is much more appropriate. And no, I really don't agree, that we should have everything in moderation. Should we smoke in moderation? Drink paint in moderation? But sure, a cigarette once a month won't kill you, but smoking is bad for you, and ideally you should never smoke. Just like I think eating junk food once a month won't kill you, but ideally, you should never do it.

    And I'm not some kind of sadomasochist, who enjoys ruining my own and other people's lives. I would love it, if music really is beneficial to us. I really like listening to music, but I just don't think it is healthy. I would also love if potato chips and porn turned out to be healthy, because I love both of those things too, but that's not reality, it's wishful thinking. But, I am a man of science, and I can be persuaded. So if anyone knows of any long term studies of impact of music on humans, please share a link to the study.
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  18. Goldenlion7892

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    Yea I think music can definitely be counter productive to our progress. Music, especially rap music contains a lot of sexuality, not to mention the fact that it contains a lot of degrading sexual content the kind that is definitely prevalent in porn. It’s almost ironic isn’t it? The reason being because were trying to escape this negative, animalistic view of sex and yet here we are listening to music that pretty much glorifies that pornstar/playboy lifestyle. I can’t really listen to rap music anymore because honestly it’s views on women make me sick and just the fact that it promotes a life of substance abuse, bad attitudes, breaking the law, promiscuity etc.

    I don’t know about you guys but I definitely notice I feel almost guilty about listening to music for long periods of time afterwards because not only the waste of time but also that it’s pretty much a lot like watching porn when you think of the dopamine release and you’re always telling yourself one more video, remind you of anything?
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