mobiles are the triggers

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    Yesterday night before going to bed I was jus reading through the nofap success stories and suddenly got a small urge which developed into a bigger one and suddenly something's were going on my mind like again nofap day1 again or day 2 I read in the success stories how without using one's willpower he can control his urges I actually within a 5 or 10 mins of my urge I jus tried it and my urge was gone ...the technique is simple place your nuts in cold water until u feel the urge is going down.... and the next part I played on some meditation videos to sleep it didn't work out and then tried some news feed videos that gave me a good sleep and again in the early morning I was trying to download a movie in my mobile phone and again a urge strikes this time it was intense I was trying to control it by my willpower but It was a tougher one then I tried to distract it then I suddenly wanted to open a porn site but the thumbnails of the videos were blurred to my advantage. And i stopped right there and I suddenly got back and I have wrote some of the reasons why I shouldn't go back to porn and i read it again did the nut technique came back and had a good i am in few hours away from completing my day 2 of nofap...

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