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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by stygian, May 31, 2014.

  1. stygian

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    Yesterday I had very strong urges but logged on here several times and thankfully I resisted, also put some really cold water on myself once. But after going to bed that night I had a dream with sexually suggestive content. I have noticed that outside of PMO, the mind tends to use sleep to process information from the day. So I am wondering if this means that I am overcoming the addiction? That my mind is making changes during the night that will leave me less susceptible to PMO when I wake up? Have others experienced dreams like this?
  2. Mark

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    These kind of dreams are common amongst people moving beyond any kind of addiction? For instance I stopped drinking six years ago and yet I have had many a drinking session in my dreams and I continue to do so (have been in some right situations!) I dont know why this happens? Dreams are incredible things where our concious mind switches off and our deeper self(selves?) is/are free to roam???

    Perhaps the part of us that loves to 'party' is still there, lurking in the 'shadows' and it comes out when our concious mind is no longer 'on guard'??? Ive had many a morning and/or dream when ive been convinced I havent stopped drinking at all and the memories of the sessions I have had are as 'real' as the 'actual' memories I have!!

    The following story may or may not be relevant but its an interesting footnote...

    It was a cool evening in ancient China. Chuang Tzu's friend went looking for him at the local inn. He found Chuang Tzu sitting at a table, sipping his drink in a contemplative mood.

    "There you are!" Chuang Tzu's friend greeted him. "I thought by now you would be telling everybody another one of your stories. Why so quiet?"

    "There is a question on my mind," said Chuang Tzu, "a question about existence."

    "I see. Would you like me to leave you alone to your thoughts?"

    "No, let me share it with you. Perhaps you can provide me with your perspective."

    "My perspective is of little value, but I would be glad to listen." He pulled up a chair.

    "I was out for a stroll late in the afternoon," said Chuang Tzu. "I went to one of my favorite spots under a tree. I sat there, thinking about the meaning of life. It was so warm and pleasant that I soon relaxed, dozed off, and drifted into a dream. In my dream, I found myself flying up above the field. I looked behind me and saw that I had wings. They were large and beautiful, and they fluttered rapidly. I had turned into a butterfly! It was such a feeling of freedom and joy, to be so carefree and fly around so lightly in any way I wished. Everything in this dream felt absolutely real in every way. Before long, I forgot that I was ever Chuang Tzu. I was simply the butterfly and nothing else."

    "I've had dreams of flying myself, but never as a butterly," Chuang Tzu's friend said. "This dream sounds like a wonderful experience."

    "It was, but like all things, it had to end sooner or later. Gradually, I woke up and realized that I was Chuang Tzu after all. This is what puzzles me."

    "What is so puzzling about it? You had a nice dream, that's all there is to it."

    "What if I am dreaming right now? This conversation I am having with you seems real in every way, but so did my dream. I thought I was Chuang Tzu who had a dream of being a butterfly. What if I am a butterfly who, at this very moment, is dreaming of being Chuang Tzu?"

    "Well, I can tell you that you are actually Chuang Tzu, not a butterfly."

    Chuang Tzu smiled: "You may simply be part of my dream, no more or less real than anything else. Thus, there is nothing you can do to help me identify the distinction between Chuang Tzu and the butterfly. This, my friend, is the essential question about the transformation of existence."

  3. Robobeard

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    I think it's probably a good thing to see that your mind is changing in response to your abstinence. Who knows what it actually means, though. Dreams are weird.

    In response to Mark, that's really interesting that you also had dreams about drinking. A difference, though, is that sexuality is a part of the mind that is already there, whereas drinking isn't naturally a part of us.

    It's all really interesting and I do wonder what it means.
  4. Squeaky Soul

    Squeaky Soul Fapstronaut

    I think these kinds of dreams are a way of our bodies to cope with the usual release it was used to. I have had many wet dreams during my 97 days. They are a natural thing in nature, but not this frequent. Wet dreams should dwindle away the longer we abstain.

    I used to get them every or every other day... Now I get them every or every other week :)

    ~Squeaky Soul
  5. stygian

    stygian Fapstronaut

    Mark, that's interesting regarding the drinking dreams.

    My one wasn't a wet dream. I haven't gotten wet dreams. Is there a difference in meaning for a wet dream? The other thing was that I did not have any feeling of relapsing and the dream was of a person I was with, not a dream about using the computer or something like that. I didn't do anything, but was with another person, and of course during the dream everything seems normal.

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