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    There is still an US and I am more in love than ever.

    How to unpack the last month, it's a story. A story my husband and I will look back on one day and say, I'm glad we didn't quit.

    About a month ago, I started doing some internal work with journaling childhood memories. I hadn't been able to remember since before I was 14 my whole adult life. I tried everything I could and nothing worked.

    As I started writing more and more stuff starting coming up. Horrible things.

    To say what I remembered totally screwed up my head, is an understatement. I'm still trying to process it all, but trying to do it alone with out professional help was a mistake. Everything started triggering me. I felt like I was spinning.

    Over the course of a few weeks, my husband and I were each doing internal reflection and work, we both were working our jobs, finances were hard, trying to get the house ready to sell, two kiddos on summer break, band camp, was the perfect storm.

    He was breaking some boundaries, which meant he had to sleep on the couch and we weren't connecting at night (when we have the most time to be together during the day) And when we did talk neither of us could hear each other.

    A little over a week ago my husband did some hard disclosures over the span of a few days. The first disclosure, I didn't think at the time as one really. It was an explanation of a few things that stemmed from his first engagement. It ended up hitting me harder than I thought it would because I still was wrestling with (I did our whole marriage) feeling second pick. Second pick to his first finance. That I was just a person to try and make her jealous and someone he was trying to make me be. That's what I thought at least.

    A few days later another disclosure. Some tough stuff and looking back now, we both realize I wasn't ready or able to hear it.

    It was like stacking bricks in a mind that was already messed up from things I had learned about my past, not hearing him fully, and just sheer stress of the previous weeks.

    Sunday before last, I sat in a room and just tried to put facts and pieces together the best I could. I started to not feel safe or truly loved. So, I asked him if he would leave. Writing that makes my heart sink. I thought at the time, based on what I thought I knew, it was what I had to do.

    I tried to be strong for the kids, but I was utterly lost when he walked out the door. That night I had to take off the comforter and remove his pillow from the bed, because all I could do was smell him and my heart hurt. I have never cried so hard in my life. In the dark so no one could see me.

    Over the next few says my husband and I talked on the phone and text message. The more we talked the more things became clear. I had made a mistake on asking him to leave. What I thought I knew, wasn't what I knew.

    But we had a bit of a problem. Our 16 year old daughter was almost holding me hostage to my decision to ask her dad to leave. She started using it to her advantage to manipulate me and get her way over the time he was gone.

    My 10 year old son, wasn't doing well. He wanted his dad back so bad he would jump every time the door opened thinking it was him.

    My husband and I meet at Mcdonalds a couple times and it was amazing. You know when you kiss and it's like not lust or anything, but pure heart exploding - you are the one type kiss? Yeah that in the McDonald's parking lot.

    My husband decided that he was going to set us a time to talk each night at 8:00pm and it was brilliant. What was suppose to be just 30 minutes was literally almost 5 hours for a couple nights in a row.

    We have never talked in person, much less over the phone that ever. What was amazing is we actually TALKED. He listened, I listened and we finally started to understand each other.

    The night before he came back home, I was trying to think of a way to sneak him in the house haha. We were trying to wait until we thought our daughter was ready.

    The next day, he went to the grocery store for me and we met to exchange. I didn't have two of the items he purchased on my list. Gatorade and Ketchup.

    My daughter helped me unload the groceries and looked at me and asked if I had gatorade and ketchup on the list. I told her no and she started balling, looked at me and said dad can come home.

    The moment my husband walked back in the door, everything was right again. We have a long way to go and a lot of healing to do. We also learned that disclosures have to be planned and with the help of a therapist, AP or someone.

    The past few days, I look at him and feel differently now. I feel 1st and that I have always been 1st.

    It's me, him & us.
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    Wow. Beautiful story. Please tell me this is not your only entry....I need a whole lot more background details and hear how he approaches your relationship.

    What was fixed unfixed ? How did you learn to give each other grace ? The kids part wow. How did they take the return?
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    Glad to have you back and glad to see that things are moving in a positive direction. :emoji_hearts:
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    Thank you. I don’t want to speak for him on how he approaches our relationship. My husband is @MisterDirection, if you want to read his journal as well.

    During recovery it I think is natural for both people to shift blame. There is so much hurt, shame and confusion it’s hard to look at yourself.

    Grace comes, at least I have found this week, when you remove the blame. You accept that we both contributed to the state of our marriage. You start listening to the other person and looking at your part.

    Until this happens true growth and healing, I don’t believe can happen.
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    Yes we have talked !! Oh wow! My eyes just bugged out !
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    8 years ago I had cancer.

    I didn't realize until this morning how much my behavior has been influenced by this one event. I thought I was just extremely weird and OCD. It hit me like a thunderclap where my compulsive obsession about my health is primarily stemming from.

    My husband's stepfather was just diagnosed with prostate cancer a couple days ago. Him and his doctors had been watching and waiting for a few years before doing a biopsy.

    We were talking about it bed this morning and I made a comment, without thinking, that it worries me because I felt when it comes to health my husband and his mom were on one extreme and I was on the other. I implied they blindly just follow doctors and are not advocates for their health care.

    Insert foot in mouth. I could tell my husband was hurt and upset. I had just globalized and told him his feelings. Judged him and his mom. It was unfair.

    I was trying to smooth things over but that didn't help because I couldn't figure out where this was coming from with me. I was going in circles and making things worse.

    My husband could tell and gently said let's stop this conversation before we get in a fight. I went outside and sat down and it hit me.

    8 1/2 years ago, I went to the doctor because I was having female issues and just not feeling well in general. I had gone in before and was told that I was just stressed. But on this one particular instance the gyno was feeling my neck and looked at me and said let's get some tests run. Within a of couple days I was having blood work done and ultrasounds.


    So off to endo I went. He sent me for a needle biopsy.


    So off I went to an ENT. The ENT felt that my risk for having cancer was extremely low and didn't feel the need to do a surgical biopsy. Said we could watch and wait but it was ultimately my call.

    Before I had left the office, I had made up my mind. I wanted to do the surgical biopsy. My gut was telling me that's what I needed to do.

    I told everyone what the doctor had said and they all thought I should just do what he said to do. I felt very alone, hypochondriac, and crazy. My husband and I had a fight and he was pretty upset that I was thinking about doing the surgery.

    I remember leaving the house and going up to the Church and just laying under the cross outside, praying. Praying for a very long time. I was so confused on what I was suppose to do. It was a risky surgery and everyone was telling me not to do it that the doctor said he didn't feel I had cancer.

    As I laid there praying, a peace came over me. In a moment, I knew that I had to do the surgery. I believe God was with me that night and leading me on the right path. I leaned in and I listened.

    On the day of my surgery, my mom and mother in law were there. My husband didn't come, he went to work and did with the kids.

    After the surgery was over and I was in recovery, the doctor went and told my mom and mother-in-law that I did okay and he was for sure that I didn't have cancer, but we would wait for the results to come in.

    I remember my mother coming in and telling me what the doctor said and fussing at me for jumping into a surgery that wasn't needed. I looked at her and as insane as I felt, I told her let's just wait for the results. It's not that I wanted to have cancer to prove everyone wrong, it's I knew in my heart and that God was telling me I needed to do this.

    The wait is brutal. Absolutely brutal.

    I was home alone with the kids when I got this call. I went outside in the driveway to hear what the doctor had to say. I don't think you are every prepared to hear those words, you have cancer. I fell to my knees outside and started balling. He kept talking about how what type I had was not common and was made up of 2 variants. If not caught before age 40, it could have metastasized all over. Each variant went different places in the body.

    I needed someone to talk to. I called my husband and told him I needed him home. While I waited, I called my mom, she said sorry. I called my sister, she said sorry. I called my brother, he said sorry. When my husband got home and I told him, he said "I'm glad we have insurance." To lighten the mood, but from that day forward, I have felt no one cared about if I lived or died or if I was hurting or scared.

    I felt alone in this fight.

    Fast forward to my second surgery, I went with a different doctor and had to travel a couple of hours for the surgery. My mom went with me. My husband stayed home to work and do with the kids.

    When I woke up out of surgery, it was quiet. No one was in the room. I remember feeling utterly scared. I couldn't move my neck and I was so out of it. After a few minutes when I got lucid, I picked up the phone and called my mom.

    She wasn't even at the hospital. She had left before I was out to go out to dinner with a friend of hers.

    No one had been there as I had my cancer removed and my neck sliced open. No one had been there when I came out of surgery.

    When my mom got back to the hospital room, I was so upset and mad. Instead of comforting me, I got fussed at for being selfish.

    Just more proof in my mind that I was worthless. I didn't mean a hill of beans to anyone.

    Over the following 8 years, my health has increasingly declined. I decided this was my punishment for having an abortion. I was going to die young, alone and unloved. So I lived by planning to die for 8 years. I just needed to make it long enough for the kids to get out of school and be on their own.

    I became (still am) compulsive about anything wrong with me. I do loads of research and question everything. Need to know something about the body and diseases? Ask me, I've probably researched it.

    This came from 1. the doctor and family that told me it would be okay to wait and not have surgical biopsy, if I had listened I could be sitting here at 41 with cancer all over my body 2. I wanted to "catch" anything early to delay me dying so the kids could take care of themselves and things would be paid off for my husband.

    Because I felt second pick to in my husband's eyes, felt unable to live up to the expectations of P, feeling like an orgasm, unwanted & unloved I tried to keep the "big" kill you soon type things on watch, but my daily self care I really could care less. I thought what's the point. There are so many things I have put off doing because I again feel what's the point, I don't have much time to live.

    I really don't want to live like this anymore. Living to die and planning to die.

    I don't have control and I can't try to play God. I'm letting moments go by and missing life and happiness.

    How to work through this as it's cuts really deep, not really sure, but I think I'll start by combing my hair and un-bookmarking online medical research sites.
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    I read this heartbreaking and precious account and it’s a beautifully written story. I can’t imagine dealing with this level of stress alone. I can’t imagine how much you have had to grow in silence. Your mother, your family, your husband.

    Your faith is a magnitude 10 now. I am grateful to have followed and thank you for sharing.

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