Masturbation Considered "Healthy" by Some. Why?

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  1. That's something that I've never quite understood. There was a time when masturbation was condemned for all of the illness that it was thought to cause. Hell, our ancestors were on to something there if you ask me.

    So, what happened after that? I don't quite understand how masturbation went from being something that's a cause of illness and death to being something that's regarded as "healthy" and "normal" in the span of a few centuries at most.

    Just something I was thinking about.
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    It's mostly not masturbation that is the problem.
    It's porn.
    You know the effect porn has on people.
    Like Rapist Ted Bundy said,

    "Today, porn can snatch any little boy or girl out of their home, and turn them into a pervert, pedophile, or rapist."
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    Beacuse we invented porn. So we have to support masturbation as a healthy and harmless activety so that people can jack off to porn all they want without worrying too much about the consequences..and in the last few years we've seen the consequences very well !
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    People are looking for excuses to keep wanking and wasting their lives away
    It's very sad the number of people who pmo daily and think what they are doing is necessary and healthy.
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    I think it was an article I read a few years back that talked about these Italian scientists that found out that drinking 2 glasses of wine a day was healthy. A bottle a day is a different story, tho. I can't M only once every few weeks because I am addicted to it, but some people can. People, not so long ago, thought smoking was healthy. It's like history is repeating itself, only with PMO instead of cigarettes.
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    Masturbation is not bad, but it isn't good either. The fact that the pornography industry uses it to generate profit is a bad thing.
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    When you're talking about ancestors. I think you're talking about people that have been influenced by Christianity. So in Europe in the days of the early church and in the Middle Ages and afterwords. Yes, you're definitely going to see masturbation looked down upon and regarded as evil. There may have been some other pagan groups like the Romans. I don't know what the view of masturbation was but if it was a bad one It could have been related to fertility and not wasting your seed.
    Since the sexual revolution of modern days people do not see masturbation in the eyes of Christian values. We are accountable only to ourselves. So if it feels good, it must be good. But that has been the state of mankind since the beginning.
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  8. Because research has been shown to have an association between ejaculating more frequently and a lower chance of getting prostate cancer in three different age groups.

    I'm not against masturbation per se. It's just when you're addicted to it.

    I do think bad religion plays a part in how we think about masturbation. Theology still influences societies today (even those that are now secular). There's this idea that pleasure is bad and any suggestion of pleasure being good in religious text is interpreted in a way that denies pleasure.
  9. The problem is with the way the scientific industry is run. No research is fully tested before published and sometimes it's funded by organisations that have an agenda. Like that research stated that drinking alcohol was good for you was funded a beer manufacturer.
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