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    Hi all it's my first time here on nofqp community. I have really a serious problem. I started watching porn since i was 13 years old. I'm now 23 and nearly lost the normal sexual desire. In the past any porn video could good erection and normal sex scenes can seduce me well. Now i started to. Watch many bad videos strange sex that now seduce me like pegging femdom or even gay sex. Sometimes i like watching guys dicks, this make my penis erected well, but of course i'm not a gay in normal life i only attracted to girls. I'm afraid of marriage. I want to return to normal sexual desire i worried now and can't do anything to help stop this fucken habit. Any one here can help me?
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    It's because P is a drug (or rather it releases a drug (dopamine) into your mind); and as with any drug or addictive substance, the more you take it, the more you need to take each time in order to achieve the same results. Essentially you are overdosing on a drug, and as you overdose, your body becomes used to the drug; so as time goes on you need a larger and larger dose for body to notice it's effects ... Just like those who drink multiple triple shot espressos every day will no longer feel the effect of drinking a latte; so you, because you've been taking super strong doses of sexual stimulation regularly, no longer feel the effect of standard sexual stimuli.
    Good news is that as you abstain from the drug (P,M,O) your mind and body start to recover from the overdose, and normal sexual desire slowly returns.

    I had the same sort of progression in my addiction (minus the losing sexual desire); the more I watched/read P, the more humiliating the sex had to be, the more non-consensual, and the younger the girls age had to be in order to fully turn me on.
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