Last streak. Sorry Everyone..

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by TrueSaiyan, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. TrueSaiyan

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    At the title says I think I'll probably be leaving this site after this streak. Masturbation has become a habit for me lately and I feel I'm not getting better.. As much as I wish. I wish I could channel this 2010 version of me when I actually quit and lived life to the fullest. Achieved my first girlfriend at the end of the summer.... I would love to reunite with this version of myself. But unfortunately I'm 27 and in my late 20's working full time, not enough time for everything anymore. My views about masturbating is that I don't see it as quite a bad thing.

    I haven't had a real life relationship in about 4 years or sex in 6 years. Relationships with friends have gone sour or my ability to harmonize with them and keep contact. I've been hurt from a close friend who just doesn't bother to keep contact anymore. It's just very upsetting. I'm wondering if there is anybody ells in there is anybody ells having the same problems right now?

    But this is it for me. Joining a few challenges and that's about it.
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  2. Jane elise

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    Why are you losing hope
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  3. Yep u do

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    The past has to be used to make the good decisions in the present and the future, not to cry about it.
    Fapping is unhealthy, you will end up with pied and other weaknesses.
    The worst thing to do isnt to relapse but to give up.
    But if u wanna live sad and addicted to ur hand, having failed relationd with women (cuz it wont disappear during a relation), if u are even able to get one because u think that fapping alone is better than sharing your life with smne. If u wanna live in your cave like a beast, and even beasts dont live that way so it is even worse, u are free to do it, but ur life is gonna be so dark.
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  4. ⏳⏳⏳

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    The guy who succeeded at the 475th try had failed 474 times before. Don't give up.
  5. Castielle

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    Hm... I'm not sure if this is true. Because just above this, you say that you wish you could "get better" and go back to how you were when you were clean. So clearly, you recognize that that life was better. Why would it be better if there was nothing wrong with masturbation? Or with your habit?

    I really encourage you to not give up, man. It sounds to me like you really want this, but you just don't think you can have it. That's not true. You can, it's just really hard sometimes.
  6. Tao Jones

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    Breakthrough is always possible if you keep showing up. It is impossible if you do not.
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  7. ItsInTheBag

    ItsInTheBag Fapstronaut

    If anything, this sounds like an opportunity? You know, idle hands yada yada?

    Choose whatever you want but the mere fact that you crushed this once should be a big enough motivator for you. After all, not PMO-ing could be regarded as a passive thing :) AND time-saver.
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  8. Bonhart

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    You are Vegeta, the prince of all saiyans and a true saiyan... don't give up!! Now, seriously, you are 27, so what. You have a full life ahead. Do you want to reach old age fapping to porn? I f the answer is no, then quit that shit, don't give up.
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  9. Axillaration

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    Instead of me thinking about what your life is like and trying to fit your narrative. I'll tell you mine.

    • I started PMO from the age of 17, and even though people say the younger you start the worse. I think it was equally bad for me to start then. Because my young adult/teenage life was spent PMO-ing.
    • I couldn't get it up for real women, I was constantly upgrading my porn collection. I would skip events with friends or get irritated with them if they wanted to hang out longer.
    • I subconsciously avoided opportunities to get closer/sexual with girls because of fear of my PIED. (I couldn't get it up with real women, only with porn)
    Now I still feel depressed about it, I still want something to happen. I want to meet a nice girl and be able to perform sexually too. I failed for so long but I promised myself that I will be able to overcome this stupidity once and for all.

    So what if you feel like you won't get any sex? Use that energy into your work! Go out there, exercise, become the best version of yourself you possibly can. Then maybe when a lady comes along, you know that your mind is free from all that pornography and you can perform without any fear. Not just for sex, but the rewards would help you in every aspect of life. It's really your choice but if I were you , I would continue.
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  10. CatRock96

    CatRock96 Fapstronaut

    Porn has always been the problem
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  11. PeterJL

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    Best of luck on your current streak and your life beyond.

    Do you know have any idea why your friend doesn't want to keep contact?
  12. TrueSaiyan

    TrueSaiyan Fapstronaut

    Connection most likely. I've tried to talk to her again, but I always got unanswered after a few chats. I remember I sent her a "?" to see if she would even notice it.. It's not worth it anymore..
  13. bluemax4

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    Could you take a break from the internet? Got to do what it takes to overcome the addiction.
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  14. PeterJL

    PeterJL Fapstronaut

    So, internet friend or someone you know IRL?
  15. BigCatTunski

    BigCatTunski Fapstronaut

    The world is yours. Don’t give it up for an addiction. Sex is not the end all be all of life. You already have everything that you could ever want. You just have to work for it.
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  16. Nomar

    Nomar Fapstronaut

    Hey man I know it’s tough. I was in a better place when I was 21/22 and now I’m 26. I’ve been having similar feels lately like giving up saying to myself it’s just too hard, but not giving in to this crap anymore is absolutely 100% worth it every time you say no. Progress isn’t a straight line. Keep on marching through the trenches bro
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  17. ItsInTheBag

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  18. Eaglevision_2019

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    You can't give up dude. If you ask, a great deal of us here would tell you that PMOing has taken us to the deepest pit of ruin, the darkest valley of hopelessness, and utter lack of desire to live anymore. It comes to a point when the ONLY way is to fight it; like you literary have no alternative. When the effects of years of PMOing blows up you feel like a living dead-disconnected from the world and with no ambition for anything whatsoever. It is hard to explain that feeling when your heart has hopelessly lost its way, but one thing I am so of, every damn single day you stay clean is like injecting life into yourself. PMO is a deadly killer.

    So my advice to you brother;


    2. READ AGAIN rule No. 1

    3. Repeat Rule No. 3

    We have a supportive community here. Start by staying clean for a few hours. Let those hours add up. Go a day, two, and so on. Soon or later you will be proud to have gone a week clean. Do not aim at perfection. Hold on to whatever you can, life is so much better without PMOing. Read a lot about the neuro-chemical alterations that porn and masturbation causes, and build your mind on why you actually need to stay away from the vice. All the best buddy, I trust you can do this. Cheers!
  19. phwrancesco

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    Sorry for you bro. To everyone the life he choses :)
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  20. ItsInTheBag

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